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Business, Church or Club Events
If you enjoy Heather Novak's writing and National Public Radio NPR commentaries, please invite her to motivate, inspire and entertain your church, club or business.

Heather's personal and professional focus is to honor God by inviting her audiences to laugh, cry and do something different in their lives.  She has delivered presentations for 20 people all the way to 1,000+ audience members.

Heather enjoys speaking immensely because she loves to entertain an audience.  She can tailor content to your specific event or offer one of her current talks: "Shiny Things", "Reluctant Motherhood", "Life (with toddler) Rules", "Live Well” and "Frog to Fabulous: Find Your Mama Mojo!".

Heather Novak is currently focused on spending time with her two small children in this season of life, so she has limited availability for speaking.  She can determine talk length and pricing based upon your preferences and budget needs.  

Heather is comfortable speaking to religious or secular audiences and can offer a thirty minute presentation all the way up to a full day retreat event.

Business Workshops
Heather Novak is not just a stay at home mama, she can also kick your sales and customer service teams into action with her wit, viciously funny training humor and proven techniques.

Heather Novak's twenty-five year professional history includes real estate, property management, retail, restaurant, car sales(oh yeah...used cars too), production music, small business and life coaching from Chicago, Denver, Arizona and back to Indiana again.

Heather developed, delivered and monitored telephone sales, customer service and leasing training curriculum for a regional property management company of over 100 properties and 300 employees for five years.

Heather Novak has spoken for the Chicago Apartment Association (CAA), property management individual and corporate trainings, Rotary Club, Toastmasters, Small Business Networking groups and Women Business Owners of Michiana (WBOM).

Topics Include:  How to talk about yourself and your business in a way that your audience is interested enough to hear more.  Telephone and Sales Training techniques with a twist.  How to market your product and build your small business.  How to use body language and questions in an effective manner.  How to shop, research and learn from your competition, and more. How to cross research other businesses for ideas you can use.

Church Events and Sermons
Heather Novak can encourage and grow your women's, youth or singles ministry with an inspiring, humorous and authentic message.  Heather is not a polished church lady, but she plays one one TV.  (No she doesn't.) Heather Novak does love Jesus and has been in love with him for about a decade.  She can candidly share God's impact in her many adventures and fiascos through single life, marriage and parenthood with humor, directness and grace.  Heather particularly enjoys speaking to youth and singles about sex, abstinence (from a previously worldly point of view) and everything in between.

Heather's spiritual journey has been a long and winding one beginning with a Unitarian Universalist background and moving into a vibrant Christian faith today.  Heather has deep respect for a variety of beliefs and can adapt her delivery accordingly.

Heather has spoken for Granger Community Church's singles events, women's retreat and bible studies.  She performed dramas and videos for them for five years with audiences up to 5,000 people any given weekend.

Heather leads the Moms Ministry "Modern Moms" at First United Methodist Church in Valparaiso, Indiana.  She is active in their Sunday School, Kids Against Hunger and Faith Works ministries.

Heather has spoken in Unitarian Universalist Churches on the topic of her faith journey "Curious Life, Messy Spirituality" and also "What If We're Wrong?" and to a youth group about how this formerly promiscuous girl hopes her two daughters choose abstinence.

Heather Novak has a special interest in sharing her personal stories as  they pertain to unmarried single life struggles, moving from no faith to the Christian faith, what she learned from finally choosing abstinence, and how choosing to have faith can be a tricky but rewarding road.

Clubs and Organizations
Heather Novak can deliver an entertaining keynote or intro customized to your members and industry.  Her strengths are speaking to industries centered on customers and the comical chaos that can ensue.

Heather Novak also speaks to Parenting groups. She speaks for Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), Mothers and More, and Parents as Teachers (PAT) and participated in the "Listen To Your Mother Show" in NW Indiana two years in a row.

  • "Reluctant Motherhood" How she went from never wanting to children to REALLY wanting them including fears every parent has, growing a strong marriage, miscarriage and more.  
  • "Life (with toddler) Rules" Staying sane with two or more toddlers at a time, difficult pregnancy, and post partum depression.
  • "Live Well"  Heather Novak's family life motto and how they apply it in their chaotic daily life.
  • "Frog to Fabulous: Recapture Your Mama Mojo!” Finding your personal passion, joy, beauty and vivre amidst motherhood’s challenging delights.