My Secrets

No Big Secrets here...

(If I had any secrets, I would share them anyway!) 

I am a tragically Unhip 30 sumpin Mama, Inspiring Speaker, Distracted Writer, Radio Personality and Glacially Fast Runner. I am very happily married to my personal Prince Charming John. (Thank You, God!)  We are in the midst of raising two darling and maddening Cupcake Girls who are two and four years old.Our pack includes a huge dog named Steve and a variety of other friends and family.  I live each day as if it were my last and do my best to live my love out loud. 

I am frank about my highs and lows.  I have lived a lot of life and am not afraid to share my heart and lessons learned on any matter: marriage, stay at home parenting, miscarriage, faith struggles, divorce, alcoholism, sugar addiction, attachment parenting, Love & Logic, 5 Love Languages, Christianity, Mama Mojo, Natural Beauty, Failed Fashion, 

I live in Northwest Indiana just outside of Chicago.  My interests include Geocaching, Crocheting, Kayaking, Pretending to Run 5Ks in a Tiara, Simplicity, Debt Free Living, Decadent Frugality, Whole Natural & Organic Food, Cooking Misadventures, Cheap Wine, Expensive Beer, Cooking S’megan(S'mostly vegan with a side of bacon).  I like the idea of camping, hiking the dunes, Green Living, Ethnic Cooking, exploring my bible, discussing spirituality, Christianity, Unitarianism, Customer Service, Sales Skills, Women’s Studies, Writing, Speaking, Chocolate covered anything.

Some favorite movies are Hitch, Crash, Click, Notting Hill, Usual Suspects, Enchanted, Tangled and Gone With the Wind.

Tunes I prefer include everything from opera to rock!  Chicago’s Lyric Opera, David Crowder Band, Tori Amos, Third Day, Chris Tomlin, Madonna, Andrew Peterson, Jewel, Macy Gray, Tom Waits, Rufus Wainwright, She & Him and Adele.

Favorite Books are The Happiness Project, Happiest Mom, The Shack, Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood,  Three Cups of Tea, Sex God, Eat Love Pray, The Faith Club, Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts, Celebration of Discipline and The Message.

Contact me at 574-360-4702 or