Red Long Lasting Lipstick and Dentist Appointment Tangle: Who Wins? News at 11

Can your long-lasting lipstick make it through a dentist appointment? I'm a reasonable woman, I just want everything.  Especially my RED LIPS!  I've tried something new in long lasting lipstick this past week, and I figured if it could last through a dentist appointment at Dental Arts Group here in Valparaiso Indiana, it would be RAVE WORTHY! My two daughters and I all had appointments today for tooth cleaning and X-rays.  Portia crazily can tell you exactly which two teeth she got cavities in (J & K on their mouth map, if you wondered) and I already talked about my awesome Dentist at Dental Arts Group. 
And there was that other time I road tested long lasting lipstick and told the tale about the staying power of  a certain red Lipstain at a dentist appointment...  I forgot my phone today and really wanted to get evidence. Luckily, my dental hygienst Kathy took some quick snaps (AND A SELFIE) to document my (supposedly?) long lasting lipstick during our appointment.  Here is the beginning!

And of course here is a picture with my Heroine who sent the pictures to me!  Kathy....THANK YOU SO MUCH!  She was impressed with my long lasting lipstick and I think she'll be checking Christa out on Facebook!

So I would assume you have been to the dentist: X-rays, scraping, brushing, flossing... lost of rubber gloved fingers rubbing all over my red long lasting lipstick lips.  For 20 minutes or so.  Plus water, spitting, and a paper towel wipe because: Gross.

THIS is my long lasting lipstick AFTER all of that.  AFTER I tell you. 
Go ahead and start talking to my new best friend Christa Plew RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Please tell her about the Dentist Visit Blog Post on long lasting lipstick...she'll know. She isn't pushy, she shared lots of information and I feel good about my long lasting lipstick choice.  The Lipsense lip color is made in the USA and is gluten free which I thought was a dumb claim but someone said folks who cannot have ANY gluten value that.  They don't do animal testing, it's vegan and there is no whale blubber in the stuff. I'm against animal testing so this was a plus.

If you squint you can see one tiny fleck missing.  I threw gloss over the top of my fabulous long lasting lipstick and when on my VERY MERRY way.  I'm wearing Blu-Red color, if you are curious.  I use Glossy gloss over it but really think I'll prefer the matte. You can combine the colors to make your own custom color too...crazy eh?  But it makes sense...LIPSENSE!  Bwahahaha I am hilarious.

Below are pictures from the past week of wearing this new magical lip color.  I only have the red.  I do use the OOPs remover to get it off, tho I believe my Norwex makeup cloth would do it too.  (Another CRAZY thing that works so well...and I'd been a cynic.)

I want you to see it did  rub off on my waterline, this will happen with deep colors after eating oily food...or in the afternoon at least.  I just reapply to the blank space.  No biggie.  

The magic I have discovered is LIPSENSE long lasting lipstick.   (Well they call it lip color since it isn't a lip stain or lipstick).  Never mind about the selling points....trying it, wearing it to the dentist....proves for me I have at long last found what I want in lip color.  I have my red.  It doesn't smear or rub off.  Even at THE DENTIST!!!!!!!  I got all of my pesky questions answered by Christa Williams Plew who sells it.  

My girlfriend Holly mentioned this expensive but crazy longer lasting lipstick called Lipsense a few months ago.  (Christy is her lovely sister in law!)I'm thrilled with Lipsense lip color and hope you will get a kick out of this post.  I hope to save you a few months too, since I balked at the price.  I didn't think it would work on me since EVERY OTHER LONGWEAR splits off and chunks off and is gross and still gets on my drink glass. I'm ecstatic to be wrong.   Christa posts all sorts of fun videos  showing the lip colors range of awesomeness.  

I doubt if I will get freebies from her, I am not posting expecting anything...I simply wanted to solve this problem for anyone like me who wants to kiss folks, drink things, and smile while feeling they look their best and not having to worry about their lips!  I'd love to know what you think, what works for you, and any other non spam comment you might have!

THANK YOU for reading my blog!  I'm grateful for your time.

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