Dear Little Unitarian Girl Told about Burning Fiery Hell by Christians

I am so sorry.  Sweet ten year old child, I am so sorry.  I heard from your Unitarian Church Sunday School teacher that your were sad and scared and confused by some things other kids at your school told you.  They said if you didn't believe in Jesus you were going to a fiery hell.  You were sharing this during Sunday School and were not sure what to think.   Your Sunday School teacher wasn't sure what to think.  Or what to say.  I am: I know what to say.

I am so sorry.  I do not know your name and I dislike the rampant blog posts with the "Dear Random Person" titles but I needed to share with you, and anyone else who is told they are going to hell, that I am so sorry your were told about Jesus like this.  It is wrong.  I have not died, and I am not sure about Heaven or Hell, but may I please tell you what I know as a woman who is a Christian?  May I tell you some things, Sweet Girl?
Akiane's Prince of Peace Portrait of Jesus ( painted by 8 yr old child of atheists who had never seen a pic or heard of Jesus but met Him in visions and dreams)

I believe there is a God who made us and loves us.  Every. single. one of us. You may choose not to believe this and I will still think you are a wonderful person full of light and joy.  We can talk about it or not talk about it, but I will respect our difference of opinion and enjoy you just as much.  

I believe love wins.  When any person of any age acts kindly and gently towards another person, they win, even if it is hard to tell from the outcome.  Acting out of love and kindness makes you a winner every. single. time.  The opposite is also true: acting out of anger, jealousy, fear or hatred makes that person lose.   It is always a bad choice, it does not make the person a bad person, but they do lose.  Every time. Only LOVE WINS.

I believe we are all learning all the time.  No one can know all things, no matter how educated or old that person is.  The bible says lots of things and church people say lots of things and most of it will not match up at all to the truth.  Each of us needs to learn all we can about all the things we can, and then listen to that soft, small voice of God to help us discern our path and choices.  I would encourage you to read the Bible in an engaging translation like NIV or NLT or the Messsage, other religious texts, and pay attention to everything in school.  You decide your own life path.  You choose your own spiritual path.  And noone knows everything.  Someday, when our lives are over, we will know the truth. 

You are precious, and you matter, and I am sorry about the Christians.

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