Bodacious Blog of the Week: Mr. Money Moustache

OMG I am in an awesome group I need to post about LATER, Nerd Fitness Rising Heroes, but for now let me say I challenged myself this morning.  I posted on the FB pages for the Rising Heroes group, asking them to help me stay accountable to ride my bike instead of driving ALL. THE. TIME. One innocent post change my whole day but mentioning Mr. Money Mustache and how often he talks about saving money thought bike riding instead of driving.  I've barely even singed up to be a cult member yet you MUST KNOW ABOUT THIS!  He is preaching to our Novak Family Choir.  We live WELL, we rarely fight about money, we cut some corners and we avoid debt.  Sometime I need to be reminded WHY, and this Mr. Money Mustache site just did that for me in spades.  I am so encouraged and fired up and STOKED.   I hope you feel the same.

Mr. Money Mustache ala TWITTER

This article on "Killing Your $1,000 Grocery Bill" got my attention this money, as I prepare to head out on my bike with trailer to grocery shop today.

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