Creative Scripture Journalling and Washi Tape Bible Covers!

This past week at Valpo FUMC Modern Moms we had the lovely Cherish Edwards as a guest speaker to talk about creative scripture journalling in the bible.   She teaches the Bible Journalling class at "Cafe Crop" in Merrillville, Indiana and my friend Kathryn suggested I track her down.  Scripture journalling is a creative and colorful way to get into reading the bible for the first time or after decades of bible study.  With Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram and magazines and cable shows there are so many beautiful things to drink in around us, why couldn't our bible be just as gorgeous?  Doesn't the word of God deserve some sparkle and adornment too?  

I do not accept that the bible needs to be this dry, heavy and mirthless tome.  The bible is alive, a love letter to us from God, a place to seek refuge; I want mine to be colorful and fun to spend time with.  I want to WANT to spend time with it. Creative Scripture Journalling is a way to enjoy your bible study or devotional time even more.  In color.  Even if you are not naturally artistic.

Besides, I am colorful.

I have begun creative scripture journalling  in color and with stickers, washi tape and markers,  but in a blank notebook, not a bible.  I underline and highlight and sometimes write notes to myself in the margins of my bibles, but this bible journalling is a whole new deal to me.  They actually sell creative scripture journalling bibles with huge margins for journalling.  I think after I have worked through my other bible this year I might be interested in one of those!  I love anything that refreshes me in the word and is pretty to look at to boot!
I thought I would share the two simplest creative scripture journalling  I learned from Cherish, and the pictures to prove it.  

FIRST she had used washi tape along the edge of her creative scripture journalling bible pages indicating where a new book of the bible began.  It was prettier and more durable than bible tabs, and although it didn't letter out which book it was, even knowing where the new chapter started is helpful.  

SECOND, Cherish  had an awesome creative scripture journalling tool that was basically a hard plastic sheet to place in between pages you are working on...I found one online for $6 but I decided to try just making my own...I used a pieces of packaging cardboard, covered it in washi tape and slid it into a plastic sleeve from a sheet of stickers!  I used one piece of packing tape to seal it and off I went.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on creative scripture journalling and if you have done any scripture journalling feel free to share pictures below in the comments!