Sweatshirts are for Slobs and Other Snobbishness on Activewear

Dear Friends, Mamas and Readers,  It has been awhile.  Again.  But as I sit here at 9:08am with a freshly frosted cookie facedown on my NON sweatshirt sweatshirt, I felt the itch to write all about my snobbishness. (After I scrape the frosting up with my finger and do what anyone would do when no one is watching.) 

Allow it as a confession, if you will, and forgive me in advance.  After all, one kid has a fever and tho' she be an early riser, is still raspily snoring.  My 80+year old sweet neighbor Linda sat in the house to save me from being a neglectful parent as I walked my healthy daughter to school.  And along the way I picked up a pal's healthy daughter that he could linger at home with his illin' kiddo.  I'm trapped home from work and so what if I frosted a cookie (or two) and dropped part of it frosting side down.  It's a slobbish kind of day.  I'm EVEN wearing a hat my hair is so bad.  (Although Libby just said she likes my hat.  She likes the way my hair sticks out.  *sigh*)

Every time I wear this outfit, this non sweatpants sweatpants outfit(what do they call them, lounge pants?  Lounge wear?) Are they really Yoga pants or is that now a lie since we do not really do yoga in our yoga themed sweatpants?  Or anything active in our activewear.  Which reminds me of this HILARIOUS video my friend Thais sent to me after we had a version of this conversation.

I do not like sweatshirts.  I never have.  Even in college I wore them rarely.  I felt sloppy and unlovely in them.  Which I think is the point.  I was never into sports or that sporty looks many of my friends pull off and look cute in.  Now that I am a mom, there are lots of opportunities to wear casual comfy clothes but there I am in jeans and a cardigan.  Maybe a necklace.  I've written about Shiny Moms before, and I'm not a shiny mom...so I am stuck in between Non-Active Activewear, Sporty and the Shiny Moms.  What am I then?  Possibly snobby?  

Today I am wearing a Vera Wang yoga pants and zip up kind of sweatshirt outfit, but it feels elegant and flattering and OH MY WORD IT IS COMFY.  I bought it so I would have something post surgery...and I like it and keep wearing it.  And no I do not look like that in it. And I almost do not feel like a slob. I want like six of these outfits.   

I'm a motherless daughter.  Help me out here sweet friends and coach me.  Why on Earth do I feel so icky in a sweatshirt?  Why does everyone wear activewear everywhere?  Why do I have the energy to worry about this instead of doing one million other things that would make better use of my time?  What are your sweatshirt and yoga pants thoughts?

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