Four Year Old Trash Talk

     Hello Darlings!  I am BACK.  I have missed you and I sure as shootin' hope you missed me. Since I went back to work in December as Director of Connections for my church I have barely posted.  To get words out there I have become an OVER-POSTER on Facebook and that needs to stop.  I have even posted pictures of my meals and my vacation as I am still on it.  No!  In order to put Facebook out of it's misery, I will be posting weekly again.

     What shall we talk about?

  My Pastor told me I should blog this little tidbit, and I will start here:

     Our Target's sidewalk is DIRTY!  Gross litter everywhere all the time.  Why, I probably wouldn't even go inside Target so often if it wasn't just to avoid the icky candy wrappers and cigarette butts on the sidewalk outside.  *Harrumph*


     Portia and Libby and I were walking down this particular sidewalk from the Pet Supplies Plus to Target for Back to School Shopping when I remarked out loud "Gosh someone should clean this sidewalk trash up."  You. will. not. believe. what. happened. next.

     Libby who is four years old said "Why don't we do it?"  *swoon*  I love her heart.  I guess  I have taught her well and it is true we often fill a bag with litter as we walk....but NO.  Not today it is hot and we are pretty and we have shopping to do.

Libby began to pick up litter.  I  said "No, just leave it."

Then she killed my heart.

Libby...again four years old says, "But I want to honor God by cleaning this up."  

Y'all.  I. Mean.

I went straight to the car to drop my bags and to get an empty bag for trash.  When God speaks out of my children's mouth you bet I listen.  We sweated and stooped and we picked up the half block of sidewalk trash.  I was embarrassed, proud and humbled.  When we went to throw our bag of litter in the trash can it was full.  

While my girls were using the Target Store bathroom I asked for a Store Manager.  I commented on the litter outside and he hastily apologized and went to have someone go out to clean it up.  I explained that no, we had already done that, but couldn't fit our trash bag into their trash can...which might be part of how all the litter gets on the sidewalk.  He was floored, then I explained it was my four year old's fault and what she had said.  

The gentleman handed me a few cash coupons and I later gave them to the girls, telling them to thank him directly for it.  I am not sure who learned the most here, but I am so grateful for my four year old's trash talk.

And lest you think I am bragging...I get almost EVERYTHING else wrong in the parental department.  This was a precious exception.  

What have your kids wowed you with lately?  Have you learned any lessons from the mouths of babes? Please share in the comments!

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