KFC Red Velvet Cake Commercial with BIKES!

Right.  So I haven't blogged in four months a looooong while.  This is not an ideal come back, but this priceless bike friendly commercial from KFC made me happy and spoke to so many parts of my life I just went with it.  I found it on my Spotify today as I switched from "I'm Sexy and I Know It" station to "Singing in the Car" because my six year old daughter joined me at the computer and I guess that is just what parents do.  And my hubby told me to. 

The commercial scrolled and when I saw a bike going through a drive through...which I have totally done a few times. I clicked on it and smiled.  Here 'tis.

I like KFC against my better judgement.  I do not eat there more than once or twice a year....but I kinda want it for dinner tonight!  Or the Red Velvet Cake at least.

I think life by bike is better.  

We had my friend and awesome Bike Activist with Bicycle Indiana Joshua Sutton speak at Valpo FUMC Modern Moms last week for Earth Day...he shared lots of tips on how to bike more often, even with children.  We even got into the Newspaper!

Spring is here, I'll attempt to post more often, and I'd love to hear your bike stories and pictures.

Enjoy your day!