Super Bowl Ads Trend Lower Than Heather Novak: Back to your regularly scheduled blogging

Man!  Give me a job and GOODBYE BLOGGING!  Lookit how fast that happened.  Ok.

Apparently Christmas Happened.

And then New Year's.  And now it is almost Valentines' day and I am back!  Blog posts have been percolating in my brain all week and I am finally giving in.  The kids may want my attention and have been going to further lengths to get it, but...

First I have a mostly written Plant Therapy essential oil review I'm about  a month overdue in posting.   

Then I got an advance copy (BLOGGER PERK!) of  the FABULOUS FOOD BABE Vani Hari's "The Food Babe Way" book to review.  

And maybe my eldest is a real bonafide GIRL SCOUT and was SELLING GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!  It is my HEAVEN on EARTH to have my own personal supply of cookies.  #parentingbenefits 

Then maybe my kids sat in the kitchen sink to peel shrimp 


I painted my canvas Chuck Taylors and let's just say:  

Even a working mom's gotta blog!

I thought about my blog even as I was not blogging, wondered how serious I could be now that I am working,  considered putting it on hiatus and I just couldn't.  I love you all reading. Your comments are GOLD to me.  And of course I love the writing. 

BESIDES. Somebody's gotta bring a special kind of crazy into the world with F words: Fragile Faith, Frenzied Family, Fairly Healthy Food, Failed Fashion and Feisty Friendships. 

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