Christmas Party Poem for Mamas

I wrote this too early in the morning two Christmases ago, and it should not be missed any longer.  

Twas The Night Before Spin Class

Twas the Night Before Spin Class and I was in bed,
my down comforter snuggled all the way up to my head.
My dreams were disturbed far too early I fear,
as I knew the time for an exercise class was near.

From my cozy warm bed I arose with a clatter;
some horrible sound and tinny talk patter!
I rubbed sleep from my eyes and stretched my stiff back
looking groggily at my clock alarm from Radio Shack

The lights were all on and the announcer was prattling
when I realized the alarm was going off, my sleepiness shattering
I spied the pile of gym clothes folded and neat
and I realized last night I'd attempted a feat

Attend the Mothers and More Holiday Party
with other Mamas so pretty
never got my chocolotini by the way, kind of...uncool.
We were all gussied up and made up in our best
our children by sitters and fathers and family put to rest
so we could enjoy being more than mothers and WOW were we HOT!

So my foolish feat of this day became clear
I was meant to go to spin class, Oh. My. Dear.
Five a.m. was quite early in the best circumstances but
thoughts of rich food and cocktails through my head...
that craziness prances!

My terrible friend Lindsay and my wretched pal Liz
both agreed we could make the class just as we is.

But we didn't.  NO WAY!

Bah HUMBUG! (& Merry Christmas)