I'm In the Powder Room! My Personal Blog Hero Didn't See Me Sneak In..

Shhh!  I am standing on the toilet In The Powder Room, don't let her see me!  My personal hero blogger the bawdy Bearded Iris, now out in the open as Leslie Marinelli, now Editor Big Cheese in Charge of the HUGE national blog "In The Powder Room" let my little post about body love hate and nekkid yoga slip by her and it is posted there In The Powder Room TODAY!  YIPPEE!

You have heard me adore Leslie here when I first found The Bearded Iris  and also I Fan Girl out  here for her HUGE blogging help .

I've written about body image and mama hood and aging and the trouble with it here. But today on In The Powder Room I talk about YOGA.  Nekkid.  Nekkid Yoga.  Yep, it's like that.

I've begun writing things on my yoga mat.  Things that remind me of my womanly awesomeness.  Words with weight for me like "Bombshell"  "YES!" and LOVE.  And one time I did my YogaGlo yoga Nekkid. 

Quick!  Head over and read what might be too racy for this Jesus loving Wild Mama to post on my own blog.

(And before Leslie realizes I snuck in there and makes me take my yoga mat and go home!)

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