One Simple Organization Tip for Managing Your Mom Time

As I sit in my 'dressing gown'* at the computer I am relaxed and peaceful.  The girls are (hopefully) getting themselves dressed and my coffee is at least lukewarm.   I already cried this morning through Boot Camp class so my hateful workout is over.  I even have my plan for the day written out.

It isn't even 8am yet!

As I wondered what I could offer you with my words this morning, one simple thing came to mind: LAMINATION.

 I love having a daily list, even if I ignore what is on it, but I do not like wasting the paper.  I've used several different Daily Plans I print off of the computer and then toss it in the recycling.

One of my favorite free, printable, daily to do lists is Tsh Oxenrider's "Daily Docket".  You can see it & download it HERE!  I have used this for years (AND NOW IT'S LAMINATED!).  She has several versions of it and it is just wonderful.  I devoured her book "Organized Simplicity" and even my hubby put it on his iPad.  Great changes began in my life thanks to this wunnerful book.  

My friend Tess recently tipped me off to laminate the sheet and just wipe it off each day!  LAMINATION, people.  

Even if you aren't nerdy enough to own your own laminator, you can take a page into any office  store and they can laminate it for you. A Scotch brand laminator like mine goes for $20 at Target and has already earned it's value for me.  

I also fumbled through finding the right markers to use on laminated things: EXPO Vis a Vis WET ERASE markers.  Wet erase means your notes do not smudge or disappear!

I love using this one simple tool to keep myself on track and motivated. Want to hear more?  I've written before about getting organized even with toddlers underfoot.   I would love to hear your solutions and thoughts on the Daily To-Do list we all work with each day. Comment below!

(FYI Comments to a blogger are as good as a cup of coffee, you know.  Cheaper than flowers.  Might motivate me to get back to posting regularly.  If you are into that sort of thing....THANKS FOR READING THIS!)

*Dressing Gown is FabSpeak for bathrobe. (Thanks for this Sleepwear post at Daily Connoisseur!) 

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