Unattractive Bathrobe On Fire (and other too late meanderings)

(NOTE: This post was lost in my blogger drafts, a melancholy and random post I feel sad was not posted...here ya go!)

I think dryer fires are a leading cause of house fires. Or maybe it is coffee pots left on, grease fires or some such random daily event gone very wrong. I am bleary eyed and ready to tumble into my bed with brand new clean sheets but I won't.

After a week of she said he said battles with the flu in our house and a night of too much Desperate Housewives on Netflix via ROKU I am up. Instead of taking my glass of icy cold Brita filtered water up with me to bed I am here. Eating leftover Girl Scout cookies from my Lia Sofia party I would have sent with my husband to work today(so I wouldn't be sitting here eating them) but with the aforementioned flu he never went. So they are here and I am not in bed and I am eating them. Tagalongs and Thin Mints with their second rate waxy chocolate coating that reminds me why I was sending them away.

My eyes are tired and I look forward to a hot washcloth and Boots cleanser to scrape and rub the makeup from my face. I love washing it off as much as putting it on...my new MAC liquid eyeliner that FINALLY gives me that cat's eye look I have struggled after, the Sephora shadow, blush, liner that I just got for Christmas. I will wash it off soon. I will brush my teeth again. After I sit here a bit longer.

I like to be in bed around nine. I stay up until ten because my husband does and I prefer to go to bed with him. Tonight he is in bed long ago after a day of flu...he will be better tomorrow.

I hear the click click click down below in the basement. I think of my hideously unattractive but so silky spongy cozy warm fuzzy white bathrobe that is drying in the dryer. It is a gift from the hospital where I gave birth to our second daughter a year ago. It is in the dryer after being washed and bleached to get freshened up again after flu and little grubby hands and crumbs and stink.

I will be waiting for it to not accidentally start my house on fire. Instead of going to bed I will be waiting up; not for a child or my mate, but for the bathrobe of my domestic delight. There will be no dryer fire in this house tonight. But there will be a very white, very warm bathrobe.

Any Obsessions you care to share?  How many products did I mention in my wanderings?  Did you notice?

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