Tiny Red Kitchen: Never Buy Another McDonald's Shamrock Shake AKA Kids Eat Spinach?

Would you like a sneaky and fun way to turn a sweet treat into a leafy green vegetable surprise? My kids do well eating vegetables.  I know a lot of kids don't, so this discovery could be key for the parents trying to cram something green into those kiddos.  My littlest is a bit leery of my "shakes" because I do put a lot of healthy goodness into them and she isn't a huge fan.  But this, this Healthy Shamrock Shake, she loves it.  And the Huffington Post shared what actually goes into McDonald's Shamrock Shake: GROSS!

It all started with my friend Sharon's Facebook post, "Just made my own Shamrock Shake: Suck it, McDonald's!"  I contacted her immediately.  I went to her house for the first time, drawn by the fantasy of making my own natural, yummy and Healthy Shamrock Shake. She used milk and Shaklee Vanilla Protein powder as a base and it was AWESOME. I was ELATED.  I made them weekly for a long while, the kids and I sucking them down like...milkshakes. 

Today as we slurped down minty green goodness, I realized: This.Should.Be.Blogged.  You are welcome.

Take the milk of your choice, non dairy or otherwise.  Take the unflavored or vanilla flavored protein powder of your choice.  Add mint extract or peppermint extract or I've even used mint leaves.  Add stevia or sugar to taste.  Add THREE HUGE HANDFULS OF RAW SPINACH.  More to get the color you want.  Blend well in any old blender till smooth.  Add frozen bananas or ice cubes or ice-cream to get a thicker consistency and more sweetness, again to taste.  

Serve with a straw.  Straws make everything better.  

Yeah...like that.  

For those of you who are sticklers for a RECIPE, Here ya go: 

For three adult sized Healthy Shamrock Shakes 

3 cups milk of your choice(cow, almond,soy etc.) 
2-3 Servings  of Vanilla or unflavored protein powder shake mix 
1-2 teaspoons, mint extract, to taste
1+Tablespoon Stevia or sugar, to taste
3 large handfuls raw SPINACH leaves
1 Frozen banana (or icecream, or vanilla yogurt...in a pinch just ice cubes are fine) to add body to shake.

Blend in a blender (Any blender, nothing fancy!) till all leafy bits have dissolved into a gorgeous minty evillllly Healthy Shamrock Shake.  Add straw & slurp.


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