DIY Frozen Movie Birthday Party

Like everyone else on the face of the Earth under 13 years old, my two little girls LOVED Disney's "Frozen" movie.  Even my husband John said he wanted the opening song on a mix CD.   He said Frozen will be this generation's "Annie" movie, with every girl singing the songs and playing the parts for every talent show, audition and empty moment in time.  I don't usually fall prey to commercialization, I was annoyed by all the things you could buy months before the movie opened.  So much stuff for a movie I'd never heard of.

Now I understand.  I bought the soundtrack from ITunes after we got home from the movie and were singing the songs already.  I bought an interactive Frozen audiobook  for the girl's nook.  And when it came to Portia's 5th Birthday party theme, Cinderella was out, Elsa and Anna were in!  I quickly found out most birthday decor times were already sold out.  OOPS.

I had purchased Frozen stickers from a place on line called Smile Makers to make our own Valentines.  I saved a bunch of those (the pack of 75 was generous!) and did a few other things to decorate for her party I thought you might enjoy.  

First off: your Grandma's doilies are SNOWFLAKES, people!  I have  a jajillion of them.  

Blue, white and silver  look like snow and ice.  

And instead of streamers or balloons, get your preschooler artistic team together to make cutout paper snowflakes & hang them from the ceiling.  Easy Peasy and CUTE!

I also have enjoyed making banners from my card making stash and I've used both my AWESOME new laminator and also the basic laminating pages you do not need an AWESOME LAMINATING machine for.  The girls get  a banner or their name in the party's theme and then it goes in their room after the party.  I'm having a lot of fun doing these.  You cannot really tell the colors but they are wintery purples, lavender & blue with embossed snowflakes and GLITTER of course!

Usually I get the girls in a costume of some sort for the theme, and in effort to be less of a consumer I just had her wear the Cinderella dress up dress.  It was hard not to just buy consumes for both girls, but we want to live simply and it really doesn't need to be as important as I want it to be.  

Favors for kids and adults thanks to Disney at Home and Hewlett Packard!

Birthday Girl Portia is FIVE!

Whitney got a great picture of the table!
Corinna and Libby indulge in cupcake goodness!


Anonymous said...

Can you write the website you bought the stickers please thanks for your tips

Heather Novak said...

Yes, it was Smile Makers and here is the link

I also put the hyper link into the post, thanks for reading!