A More Beautiful Bible: DIY Decoupaged Book Cover

I used to hide my bible under my bed.  When I first started reading it, I was so embarrassed and worried I had "turned into one of Them".  I didn't want anyone to know I was actually reading the bible.  How dull.  My life at the at time (ten years ago now) let's just say wasn't the life of a person who reads that kind of stuff.   My life was awesome, I had everything I wanted but I knew something was missing.  If all that stuff about God was true, I wanted to believe it.  I struggled with believing it.  Just ask anyone who has known me "Before".

When I chose to dig into God and what that kind of life was going to mean to me, my best friend Jenny bought me a bible.  I had a New King James version of the bible, but if you have ever looked one of those over it isn't exactly  a gripping read.  (No offense, God, but you know us peoples need things simple...)  Jenny gave me a "New Believer's Bible" in the New Living Translation.  I couldn't put it down.  

I read that bible almost every day for a year or two.  I've since gotten over being embarrassed about it.  I've bought several others.  I've bought bibles to give away to other people.  I just did that again this week:  I bought two "New Believer's" Bibles just this week for friends who have recently mentioned they didn't have a bible, didn't read their bible or wanted to be closer to God.  There are all kinds of side notes and action steps sprinkled throughout the book that I just found it so educational and inspiring.  

I don't like everything I read in my bible.  I choose to interpret some things literally, some things culturally, and some things I believe are not culturally relevant any more.  But I read it.  I love it.  I apply it as best I am able to my daily life.   I'm honest and open about my frailties and failures.  I just love God.  But lately I don't love the look of my Bible.  

I'm embarrassed now to carry a New Believer's Bible when I have been a die hard believer for over a decade.  I'm tempted to consume by buying more bibles, prettier bibles and different versions of the bible.  Then last week in church God showed me what to do:  I could decorate my bible instead of buying a new one.  AHA!  

I decided to decoupage my bible and thus strengthen the cover at the same time I was beautifying it.  My first bible has so many highlights and notes and prayers in it from my devotion over the years....a new one would take so much time to build up a relationship, a history with it.  This way I just make it look prettier.  God is pretty awesome, y'all!

I had just decoupaged a stool with great results, except for some bubbling.  I found  this You Tube Video  How to Decoupage without bubbles and wrinkles  and the main tip was to only put a minimal layer of glue down, let it be a little dry! (previously I'd slopped lots of glue down and then slopped on the top layer of glue; the paper was bubbling from all the moisture!)  So I started to work on my bible.

I used scrapbook paper cut to fit, worked slowly, and added some things from Brave Girl's Club Truth Cards that I love.  I do their "Truth Cards" and give them away, send them to Brave Girls Club for them to give away, and so I had pieces laying around to use.  My friend Lori introduced me to Brave Girl's Club and it has continued to bless me by reminding me to be encouraged, and then to also be an encourager.  Check them out!

I finished my bible cover with spray acrylic gloss, just like I do with furniture.  It made the cover harder and more durable.  Stinky, but a light coat seals in everything else.  I'm going to read this book a lot, friends, I want it to last.  And I want it to be as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.  

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