Responsible Happiness & Satisfied Fun? (The One For Us Lazy People)

(On FB today from me) YES!  Lara!  Happiest when on top of things.  It feels good to skip the dishes at night, but feels terrible to wake up to a dirty kitchen,  I try to remind myself I won't EVER ENJOY doing the dishes...might as well do them NOW.  Happier in the morning..and satisfied when it is finished.  BLOG POST?

Are we happiest when we take responsibility for our lives, or when we shirk our duties and goof off instead?  I for one am DELIGHTED to not wash dinner dishes, even though Fly Lady says I always should.*  I like not being responsible and sitting on my couch until I get up the next morning.  

I wake and stretch and thank God for the day and waltz smack into a nasty dirty kitchen.  Crumbs, dirty French press.  Sink full of gooey grossness.  My mood stalls and fizzles as I begin to mutter and clean up.  Then I make breakfast, and there are MORE dishes.  GAH!  I guess I'll look at Facebook and avoid it all.  Till Lunch.  Gah!!!!

When I avoid taking responsibility for my home, things, jobs, it may feel good for a moment. But I still have to do it and it affects my mood the entrĂ©e time I am avoiding it.  I try to remind myself that not washing the dishes or folding the clothes or taking care of work will weigh on my even while I am trying to relax and have fun.  I am actually happier and more satisfied when I take care of the responsibility FIRST, then relax. Most of the time.

We have been watching this Andy Stanley "Taking Responsibility for Your Life" series online and that is part of where these ideas festered.  One hard point was that when i chose NOT to take responsibility, SOMEBODY has to do it for me.  We have even started using this with the kids to interesting effect.  I love how God gives me messages in all sorts of areas to make my life better.  Even if it means I had to wash the dishes before sitting down here with you fine people this morning.  Now I have to go keep the kids alive some more.  Enjoy taking care of your responsibilities today.  And have some SATISFIED FUN!

*And I don't expect my husband John to wash dishes every time I do not feel like it either.  I know I do not control him and he is not here to do my bidding.  I'm delighted if he just does them, and most of them time I do not feel crabby when he doesn't.  He is my partner, not my housekeeper.**  

**Oh yeah, he also works all day at an office while I am home. Yes my job is challenging, but dishes really are part of it.


Jim/ Dad said...

It strikes me that this responsibility / relaxing dynamic is like a pendulum. I may want it to remain in one state (dishes done kitchen clean or relaxing in my chair or snow all cleared or enjoying a basketball game), but like life, it keeps moving. I am left to cherish that tiny monent of stasis at either side of the pendulum swing. And there are LOTS of those moments. Life is so grand and good. How can I not be humbled?

Heather Novak said...

Yes Dad YES! The accomplishment doesn't last, there is always another to be the folded laundry hiding in my bedroom closet....It whispers to me as I lounge downstairs. NEXT!!!