Don't Give Up Yet! Here's How to Keep New Year's Resolutions

It is January 13th, do you know where your New Year's Resolutions, Goals, or themes are?  I visited our local YMCA for the first time in a LONG time this morning and with the snowpocalypse here in Indiana it was EMPTY.  My friend Lori remarked that everyone's New Year's Resolutions, Goals, or themes were in the toilet.  YUP.  Are Yours?

I'd like this to be my car this year! (When it is warmer, of course.)
As for me, I hashed out my New Year's Resolution plan for 2014 with my pal Whitney and am doing well so far.  She knows me well and I knew if I babbled long enough about all the delicious ways I could improve myself in this sparkling new year, she could distill that babble into something useful.  

I read an awesome article last week on scratching New Year's Resolutions for a THEMED New Year.  But what theme?

I'd like to READ MORE this year
My faith is strong so I didn't feel I needed to actively work on that.  I want to continue to simplify the stuff in our house.  I want to loose my desire for acquiring new things like lipsticks and Target T-shirts.  I want to read more books.  Get to the gym and walk or bike rather than driving our car places. Could I swear off shopping for one month?  For six months?  Or vow to read 50 books in 2014, tracking them all on Good Reads?  
After unloading all of these ideas and talking with my friend, my theme for 2014 emerged:  "Consume Less, Move More".

I will check in with myself weekly over the year to decide how successful I had been on those two themes. In order to keep them at the from of my mind, I'll do a weekly calendar reminder on my  app.

That is where I started with these quick tips to help all of us keep our New Year's Resolutions, Goals, or themes:

1) Put a reminder into your planner or online calendar to help you refocus on your goal.

2) If you are crafty, or know someone who is, create a visual for your New Year's Resolutions, Goals, or themes and keep it where you will see it regularly.

3) Set New Year's Resolutions, Goals, or themes that ACTUALLy matter to YOUR SOUL and your legacy.  At the end of the day none cares as much about the size of your muffin top as you do.  While weight loss is a worthy goal, it is shallow and hard to follow through on.  Focus on your JOY your passion and making a difference in your world and you may find yourself deeply satisfied and thinner too.

4) Find a friend or partner who will understand , encourage, pray for and kick you in gear on your New Year's Resolutions, Goals, or themes.  Do the same for them.  It's called friendship and doesn't exist only on Facebook, Darling.

5) Don't give up!  Keep failing, sure, and then START OVER.  You got this!

Check back next year to see how this year's theme is going...or tweet/email to ask me yourself in a few weeks.   

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