Customer Service Wow Moment: Heinhold and Feller Mechanic in Valparaiso Indiana

Do you have a good car mechanic in Valparasio, Indiana?  You might like your auto mechanic.  You might think they are fair and honest and effective in their work, a good basic Valparaiso car mechanic.  They may be great, but let me ask you: Have they ever called you after they noticed they overcharged you on work you already had done and had paid for?  Wow.  Who does that?   Heinhold and Feller Mechanic in Valparaiso does.  Not only does  Heinhold and Feller Mechanic  do quality work, the team is trustworthy in their pricing and they look out for their customers.  

We have referred several friends to Heinhold and Feller over the four years we have lived here in Valparaiso.   They also checked out our potential new car before we bought it.  Ken at the desk knows me, and knows I probably want to be more chatty and high maintenance than most of his customers...and he doesn't mind.  Or seem too.  How awesome!  How rare!

Last weekend my husband John took his car in to Heinhold and Feller Mechanic in Valparaiso for starter trouble, figuring it was the battery.  He was right and they needed to replace it.   They took care of it the same day and he went on his merry way.  

Today at work John got a call from Mike at Heinhold and Feller Mechanic in Valparaiso that they had accidentally charged him for the battery core disposal, a $15 charge, but since they recycle those they should not have charged for that.  They asked if we could bring our credit card back in so they could issue the $15 credit!  


We were both surprised and pleased.  Frankly, I might not have bothered if I were in Mike's shoes.  Fifteen dollars isn't really all that much, we would never have known.  (Maybe it is a blessing from 'ol Padnah to reimburse our family for that Gordmans fiasco where we gave up the $12 boots?)

Heinhold and Feller Tire Company, we love you.  Ken & Mike and everyone YOU ROCK!  Thank you for taking such good care of us.  You are a quality mechanic, and have nice folks working there too.  

Our Fav guy Ken on the left & Awesome Mike who caught the over charge.  

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