Blessed is Better than Happy: Day Four/Six/Whatever Day This Should Have Been - Your Happy List

I have written before about my Happy List, and how high up on it one might find bacon.  It is basically a running tally in my mind about things I enjoy and I am grateful for.  Today I have run out of steam and have gotten back into pjs this afternoon. I wonder if I am getting sick*, or if it is PMS when I feel hit by a truck, or if I just did too much running and taking a woods walk the same morning?  I do not expect much from myself but still there is a Happy List drumming through my thoughts:

I am happy my Husband won't bust my chops for being lazy/down/exhausted/demotivated today.  He is a gracious husband and friend and rarely complains.  SO GRATEFUL.

I am happy we are all healthy, and usually relatively so.

I am happy to have warm slippers, a leopard bathrobe and a child who can snag the bag of pretzels and eat them quietly for who knows how long while I type.

I'm glad to have dinners already made in the freezer, another in the fridge and a family who would find it fun & novel to just have cereal or sandwiches for dinner.

I'm glad for the challenge of blogging daily for a shortish time to do this Blessed is Better than Happy Series. And for the realization I'm not doing it on weekends anymore and I think that is ok!

I'm glad to have enough money to live comfortably, and to have a husband and friends who can help me be a better steward of our money too.  I want to give more money away, and to do that I need to spend less of it.  But I like to spend it.  Trouble.  Glad to have the leisure to work on that.

I am ever blessed to be gently loved by God no matter what I do, think or feel any given day.  And no matter how much wearing happened poor my language choices were.  Hypothetically.

Please forgive me for already falling behind on my 30 Day Challenge.  I will choose to feel Blessed and Happy even though I often miss the mark.  

*I did not, in fact get sick, and the day after I started writing this I was less than pleasant to be around and bought large expensive cupcakes(yes, plural.  I kind of shared.)  so let's call it PMS.  So no one wonders.

I would love to hear YOUR Happy List Today.

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