Blessed is Better Than Happy: Day Two - Share Your Joy

I had a day a few weeks ago where my cup was so full it overflowed. I was so grateful for all of my life I could barely stand it.  I posted on Facebook the few highlights from my day, and asked if I could bless anybody else.  This wasn't Facebook bragging, just celebrating a moment of thankfulness, and wanting to actively share it by doing a solid for someone else. One friend did drop off her daughter for me to watch.  Another out of town friend joked about baking her cookies.  Now that I think of it, I should have done it and mailed them.  Huh. Maybe...

Anybody need a blessing from me today? Essential Oils? Baked goods? Cup of coffee? I'm full of JOY and need to pass it on. WHY? I ran a second 3.5 miler of the week today, BEEG deal for me to break 3 miles. Thank you God for the great audio book "Unglued" and a pleasant week of satisfying simple life. THRILLED to get a Stephanie DeAnda Hauser haircut this morning thanks to Whitney Hibbitts taking on my bitty baby Libbster. Hot Date tonight w John Novak thanks to Elizabeth Rochon taking my tots an Mothers & More being a fabu group. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you God for this life. AMEN!

So many friends posted beautiful replies saying my words in this innocent Facebook status update inspired them and made their day!  Being joyful blesses me of course, but apparently my overflow blessed other people and I didn't even do anything for them!  Just sharing my general joy made them feel happier.  AWESOME.

Today is Day Two of 30 Days "Blessed is Better than Happy", Could you share a joy with someone today?  Even if it is small.  Some days my 'joys' are simply that Portia or Libby are well and healthy enough to talk until I feel like my ears are bleeding and I shout for quiet.  Some days that is the best I can do.  Other days, I am so full of joy and thankfulness I try to spill it on someone else by sending out a notecard, sharing baked goods or calling to say hello.  I'd love to hear about it if you take me up on today's SHARE JOY challenge.

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