Blessed is Better than Happy: Day Three - Multitasking My Coffee

I am going to tell you about the new discovery I made tonight while washing dishes.  Let me begin with this:  If you enjoy a hot bevvie first thing in the morning to keep you from becoming a serial killer, read on!  Especially, if you happen to have a myriad of interruptions and distractions that *always* keep you from actually drinking that hot beverage before it cools.  And when you reheat it in the microwave you are *ahem* again distracted and forget it is in there.  Until it is no longer hot....and needs to be microwaved again. 

I love my coffee.  I buy whole beans, I prefer Starbucks or small coffee shop blends.  I use a French press and make it strong. It is a ritual and a delight and I love it.  When I can drink it hot.   Repeat all of the above a few times, and that is my typical morning.  


I bought my hubby a Contigo mug that keeps stuff hot for FOUR HOURS.  I've tried several other travel mugs, I've tried lovely ceramic mugs with lids that sing to my aesthetic soul but either break (hello, toddler!) or cannot be microwaved or they leak.  Until I took over my Husband's Contigo travel mug.  It says four hours.  It says no spill, no leak.  Contigo DELIVERS, People!  So I use that mug now and microwave my poor coffee a lot less often.  And that is my trouble.  


The discovery I made tonight as I washed the dishes was that the trouble I had wasn't with my coffee cooling off.  The trouble was doing too many things without fully being present during any of them.  Like enjoying my coffee.  I was drying a thin porcelain teacup my daughters and I used for tea earlier this afternoon when I realized something.  Porcelain teacups are darling.  They are breakable...I could probably squeeze the cup in my hand and break it.  Hot tea cools off very quickly once poured into it.  They aren't practical at all.

Or are they?  When big thick  mugs or plastic travel mugs were not the norm, people sat and drank their tees or coffee from china teacups and  visited with friends.  They were more likely in the moment and not multitasking.  They could more easily savor the blessing of a beautiful cup and a hot drink to enjoy.

Tea, or in my case coffee is a pleasure.  I enjoy the aesthetics of the whole brewing breathing grinding process.  I breathe it in like a mini spa every morning.  But I also take it for granted and do not slow down to get the full enjoyment available.  If I put my coffee into a teacup I would have to commit to sipping my coffee RIGHT THEN.  I would hold the delicate cup in my hand, then rest it in the impractical but pretty saucer, then lift it again.  I couldn't microwave it. I couldn't  get absorbed with wiping down the counters or checking out Pinterest.  I wouldn't multitask, I would just be.  I would just drink.  I would savor and enjoy and rest.

Here is your Blessed is Better than Happy CHALLENGE: Pour a cup of whatever you drink in the morning into some fine china.  If you don't roll that way, just sit and rest with your bevvie in hand.  Sit and have a little ritual of your own.  A beverage meditation, if you will.  And I would like to hear what you notice.

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