Blessed is Better than Happy: Day 20 Secret Shopping Tip for Fashionistas and Thrifty Girls Anywhere

Thrifty Girls, listen up!  I have a surprisingly simple money saving  tip  for spending the right amount of money and buying the right amount of things almost every shopping trip.  In this case, it was an Estate Sale in NOVEMBER. An estate sale which makes this Thriftinista's  heart throb like no other mere summertime yard sale.  It is cold  outside and these estate sales are INDOORS!  They usually occur in nicer houses where there is too much stuff for sale to just drag out to the yard for a yard sale, so you are bound to score a deal.  Wait until you hear what happened and the surprising simple money saving  tip I used!

I was on my way to a playdate in my pal Lori's neighborhood. I'd eyed the big beautiful orange "Estate Sale Today!" sign already and planned to drop in before the playdate, then Lori called, breathing heavily as she lugged home treasures from the sale.  

     "You can drop Libby off and walk over to the sale if you want.  It's a madhouse and there are lots of things, the whole house is for sale." She breathed. It was like angels singing.

So I get to go to an Estate Sale in NOVEMBER AND go kid free?  I must have been a good girl this week.  WOW.(Lord, is this to make up for the hard work I cried through; caulking the shower yesterday?  I did say a lot of bad words, surely I do not deserve this!)  I dropped that kidlet off so fast her coat was still on and I was gone.

I wandered through the beautiful house and saw lots of things I liked but didn't need or were too much money.  When I got upstairs and went through the three closets I was pleased to see lots of large and XL clothing, which is what I wear.  I started looking at the many drapey tunic-y items for something to wear over my newly found  and loved leggings with my boots.  I found a black cardigan for $2 and tried it on, liked it and after finishing upstairs went to check out with the lady upstairs.  

I chatted with Barb, the lady checking out upstairs,  that I was newly a leggings convert but didn't have long tunic-y stuff to wear with them.  She asked if I had seen the grey sweater in the closet.  I said I wasn't sure,  but I had gone through all three closets.  She dipped into the first closet and rummaged around, "Oh I think it is gone then. The cowl neck one?"  Another lady digging into the other closet brought out a sweater I had already seen asking if this is what Barb was talking about.  It was a soft smooshie pale grey number I had passed on.  "No, that isn't it." Barb said.  

Then for some reason* Barb went back into the closet to look again.  "HERE IT IS!"  she smiled, pulling out a grey sweatshirt dress with a cowl neck and pockets.  My jaw dropped open and folks, I am not lying, I kissed her.  I hugged that sweet lady and kissed her big in front of all the other Thriftinistas upstairs.  The sweatshirt dress is NONE OTHER than the kind of dress I read about here, and here after reading about a more lux and expensive one here.   In a rare fit of fashionista drive I'd been at Target last month asking if they had the dress, showing them the website picture.  I love "Ain't No Mom Jeans" blog and even though Shana and I are very different body types,  I read to have some clue about fashion.  AND as is my habit, what she deemed fashionable almost one year ago, I am now going to be wearing, ha ha ha!  

"Now that is a lovely story Heather, you may be saying, but we want to tell our own amazing $2 Holy Grail Thrifinista story Ma'am!"  

I know, I know.  


Here is my surprisingly simple money saving  tip  for spending the right amount of money and buying the right amount of things almost every shopping trip: Take Jesus Shopping with you.  That guy LOVES to help you make good choices with your moolah, ala stewardship.  As I walked up to the sale, and I do this OFTEN, especially as I am trying to spend less money.  I ask God to guard my heart so I do not buy what I do not really need.  I ask him to help me make good choices.  I ask him to hide anything from my sight that I would later regret buying.  I ask him to help me honor John and our budget goals together by spending less.  I ask him to help me be a blessing.  I just take Jesus shopping with me, and He often saves me from myself.  
Now I WILL wear this kind of sweatpants!

I told all of this to the Lovely Barb, she got goosebumps and we hugged again (was she angling for another smooch???) and the other lady who was listening shared awesome stories too. *I think Barb was a gift to me that day, for honoring God and asking for his guidance.  It was a heart lifting bonding moment there in the closet of the lovely estate sale house.  I left with two awesome items for a total of $4 and a great "God Nod" story to tell.  

How about you? Do you have any simple money saving  tips or God Nod stories to share?  Let's hear them in the comments & take Ol Padnah shopping with you next time!!

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