Blessed is Better Than Happy: Day 18 Flannel Pjs Soothe Any Rotten Day

I am really enjoying thinking about how Blessed is better than Happy this month.  Especially since I released myself from my original goal of posting everysingleday.   I just cannot do it, and you know what?  THAT IS GREAT.  It is my blog and I am just trying to have some fun & encourage some folks here. 

My friend Nancy sent me this in an email:

 I'd like to think I'll die a heroic death, but it's more likely I'll trip over my dog and choke on a spoonful of frosting.

Oh my WORD, I enjoy that woman.  Here is her sweet blog "Lucky Lessons" about her dog Lucky who visits schools with her.  Nancy & I met when we spoke together a few years ago and really enjoyed each other.  We make each other happy and I see her as a woman who knows she is blessed and is happy because of it.
Nancy & Lucky!

That is really the deal with Blessed is Better than Happy:  when you recognize you are blessed, it is easier to be happy because you appreciate what is right in front of you.

I may be overwhelmed by whiny children, but at least they are HEALTHY.

I may be frustrated by undone housework, but at least I can do it, have a house, my hubby doesn't complain, etcetera!

I may have yelled at my children and feel like a horrible mother, but God will give me Rebecca in Target to reassure me we all go through this.  And He will give me Marla at the YMCA  who will see my stricken face as I pick my children up from drop off childcare and shares her own troubled parenting journey.  

And God will give me magnificent pity pajamas from Target.  It is my happy place, I know y'all understand.  I looked through the clearance racks for pjs first but didn't score any joy...then my eyes landed on the Nick and Nora pajamas.  With me working hard to curb my spending I felt less guilty snagging these AMAZING perfect flannel Owl pjs that I can snuggle into colorful and deep.  

And so even after a roller coaster day of ups and downs and tears and wallowing in the self pity only I can feel amidst all my blessings....I do know I am blessed, and I am happy again.

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