30 Days of Blessed is Better Than Happy: Day One Blessed vs. Happy

Do you have a basically great life but still complain?  Yeah, me too.  I want to change that.  I want to enjoy what I have in front of me rightthisminute.  I posted earlier this week about a sermon I heard and how being poor in spirit didn't mean sad or melancholy or poor.  It meant aware of our lack.  AWARE of what we might still need to learn, do , experience.  Aware of that low quiet pull for more.  For God?  Perhaps. And so I decided to do this 30 Day blog post series to challenge myself.  

The month of November is perfect because we are all striving to celebrate and enjoy our families and our lives.  November is my birthday month and also the 10 year anniversary of me giving my tattered, cussing, unfiltered, authentic life to Jesus.  So in a fit of fierce desire for more, I challenged myself to 30 Days of.....what?  I post about twice a week, so now this is 30 days in a row of something meaningful to me, and hopefully to you.  I am not sure I have that much meaningfulness in my staying home with small children addled brain.  So please bear with me.  Talk with me in the comments.  Let me know if something is useful, or particularly unworthy of your time. I want to bless YOU too.

This time together is about how Being Blessed is better than Happy because we take a moment, or many moments strung together, to recognize how we are already blessed in our life.  We do not need more.  Not of anything, no matter how little we may actually have right now.  

Being fully aware of our blessings offers a deep sense of life satisfaction that is longer lasting and more fulfilling than the brief bits of happiness we can find buying a new pair of shoes or new decorative thing for our homes.  Being aware that we are blessed is a richer way to fill up our souls than the momentary pleasure that a chocolate donut can offer.  But when you enjoy your blessings and they do include a chocolate donut...AH!  Heaven.

Keep checking back throughout this Blessed is Better than Happy 30 day series for challenges you may want to try out for yourself.  Feel free to suggest topics or challenges for me and my readers to try out this month.

See you tomorrow!

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