TIDBITS: Organization and Decorating Kitchen Spices on Budget with Before and After Pictures

TIDBIT:  Get thee a label maker! 

Simple organization for kitchen spices in the kitchen is every homemaker's goal.  It may  not be pinworthy, but I put my spices in two kid shoeboxes and use those to pull out what I need.  Sure I could buy something lovely like this rack or this spice tiffen  but for our simple house,  any ol shoebox will do.  

It would be really cute if I painted or papered the boxes, but I haven't gotten to that yet.  Or ever.  I like to look at pretty things, so maybe I should revisit my laziness here.  One coat of acrylic paint would be fun and easy.


See what a difference just taking the two minutes to make a label for them does?  How much better, orderly and legible a simple label is?  WOW.  

I'm using my hubby's label maker so often I've begun to wonder about other label colors and patterns...hmmm can it be even more awesome?  

P.s Libby demos what happens when you go too fast and forget to check font size!

Do you have any tips for organizing spices in the kitchen?

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