Loud and PROUD: Moms Daily Buzz Used my Little Words!!! (Wait till You See What They Were)

I really enjoy Daily Buzz for moms website. They have fast, easy posts to help you with so many things in you rmama life.  AND.....I was quoted as  one of their weekly NINE! SQUEEEEEEE!  I talk about how to paint a house with toddlers underfoot.  OR how not to.

They posted this maybe a month ago but I am a bit behind in the blogosphere, Forgive?

You can read my little quote and the other great home improvement posts by clicking here.

Just do all your house painting before having kids. Get ...

For the love of all that is holy, DON”T!!! Don’t paint any room in your house with little kids running about...there will be spills, yelling, and worse. Just do all your house painting before hav...   more»

If you need ideas for homemade Halloween Costumes they have a great post on that this week.


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