How to ACTUALLY Do Your "To Do" List

This post from imom charged me up: "How to Be Radically Intentional With Your Time".    Are you kidding? I loved it and hated it. I mean sure, I make lists.  But...does anyone really complete the list?  Especially when "Laundry" is at the top?  Am I the only one doing anything (even playing puppy with the kids) to avoid it?  And do not get me started about dishes.  Does every other grown adult actually do them directly after the meal?  Am I the only one where if the dishes are actually done, I feel a housekeeper must be around the corner or hidden in my closet? I usually do dishes five minutes before my husband John is due to walk through the door at night. (Hi Honey!!!)

And even though I shared this Huffington post the same week: "5 Things Highly Successful People do Before Eight in the Morning" I am hard pressed to do even half of these every day.  Or most days.  But I would like to change.  I seem to go in cycles.  Some weeks I am ON FIRE!  I get it mostly all done, I am cheerful most days, and I am so satisfied in my daily life that I almost cannot breathe for the joy of it.  But there there are the other 51 weeks of the year;  not quite the same.

I feel like any given week I am on top in one area or the other, like I am unicycling badly.  Pedaling madly but always in danger of falling over. Maybe I get great exercise in, but the house looks like a pack of dogs ran through it.  Another week I am the sweetest Betty Crocker in my apron whipping up the Good Things in my tiny red kitchen....and have the weight gain to prove it.  Then the week I am a planner magnifique, I get so much done we simply eat cereal for dinner. It seems I may only ever be on  top in one area at a time.  Can you feel me on this?

I would love to hear your tips for a balanced life.  Will you help me?  Either comment here or email me and maybe I will do a compilation post later.  How do you balance all the wonderful things in your life?  How do your friends do it?  How does your Fantasy You do it?

I'm listening.

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