Blessed is Better Than Happy: "30 Days of Less is More"

My smallest daughter Libby often asks me, "You happy Mama?"  It tears at my heart because sometimes I am not.  When I am frustrated with the girls, I often ask them if they want 'Happy Mama' or 'Yelly Mama'.  I tell them when they follow directions and give me energy I am so happy and it is easier to do fun things with them…but when I have to repeat myself or they are not listening, it drains my energy and I yell and I do not like it.   I tell them I want to be a Happy Mama, a Fun Mama and they understand as they are able.  


I am wrong to say this to my girls.  I should be able to choose to be happy, joyful no matter how they are acting.  I should be able to choose to be joyful no matter how my life is flowing that moment because I am always blessed.  Blessed is better than Happy because it is choosing to see the positives in my life despite my current feelings.  Focusing on this truth usually changes my current mood.  Circumstances may affect my temporary feelings, but God has blessed me despite any little circumstance. "Blessed" is a fact.

Many of you know I have had trouble finding the right church for me.  My family is easier to please, but me, well, God and I have a tumultuous history.  I want a lot from my church because I want to put a lot into my church.  We have finally landed at First United Methodist Church right downtown in Valparasio.   John and I have quickly dug into serving, a small group, and are planning to officially join next month.  It feels good.  I need a safe place to grow, be authentic, to struggle with my disbelief,  to argue about faith, to fail and start over once again with that growing stuff.  

This weekend Pastor Jacob spoke simply on the Beatitudes.  One of them.  The first one in the bible, the book of Matthew, chapter five, verse three:  "God blesses those who are poor (in spirit) and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs."   Pastor Jacob didn't talk a lot past that one line. He wanted us to understand that 'poor' here meant 'lacking', an awareness we did not know everything.   His point was that when we chose to be AWARE that we are all "poor in spirit" we are BLESSED.  It was very interesting for me.
I often see tiny flaws and make them BIG

This morning as I dug into that scripture, my study bible gave me references for each facet of the Beatitudes and how to live them out.  This "Poor in Sprit" one got my attention, as did "God blesses those who work for peace."  I want to grow in those areas, so I looked up the supporting scriptures and read…took notes.  Then had to share about it here.  

I want to more actively pursue what will benefit OTHERS instead of myself.  (Not always, geez, sometimes a Mama Just Wants, but more often.  And bigger.)  I bake stuff for neighbors here and there, and I most always feed those new mamas…but there is MORE more more I could do with the power I have in life.  With the wealth I have been given.  I could do more than buy another something manufactured cheaply to put in a corner of my house so I get to look at something new.  I can tape the tear in my couch cushion and focus on the beauty and warmth in my home instead of the small flaws or things I would like to change after reading a decorating magazine.   (Hey- I love Pinterest, and some changes are fun and valuable and God loves a DIY project alongside me…but maybe less? What if I spent less time passively, and DID something differently?)

The bigger picture shows breathtaking beauty.
November is my Birthday Month.  On November 25 I turn 42 years old. November is also my spiritual Birthday month; The month I finally got over myself and decided to accept, love and pursue Jesus full on.  That date was November 23rd, about a decade ago.  WHOA, exactly a decade ago!  It is written in my New Believer's Bible: November 23rd,  2003.

I've always been afraid to commit on the blog to doing regular anything.  Like my Sugar Fast Fail, or copying Jen Hatmaker in her book Seven by simplifying BIGTIME.  But let's do this, OK?  For the month of November I will do 30 Days of Less is More.  We can figure out together what that will mean, but I am pretty sure God likes it.  I hope we will both be blessed by it.  

Why Moms SHOULD "Bother"

*This post is one of my most popular and I thought I would bring it back around in case you missed it last year!

The standard mom wardrobe is believed to be stretch pants and a dirty t-shirt she just may also have been wearing the day before. We are unshowered, unrested, stained and crusted with spit up and applesauce and forlorn lost blobs of gum. We eat cookies out of plastic bags when our kids are not looking and drink wine a little too early in the afternoon evening some days. I would like to protest this basketcase of maternal endeavor is a myth, alas she is not. Many of us mamas have some form of her staggering through our days when we should not.

There are tons of mommy blogs focusing on fashion for us folks because we need and want them! I read several of them to find ways to feel like a sassy female and not just a wiped out "mommy". (A few of my tricks are imperfectly revealed below.) I have learned a lot from Kathy Friend,her blog "Fashion Questions and Answers" has all kinds of tips on budget fashion via Goodwill, shoes, and parenting fashion.

She taught me at the ripe age of 38 years old that I was in fact not a pear shape but an hourglass. All this time I was dressing to cover my hips and ended up hiding one of my best features: a fabulous waist! Priceless information. Oh, that and she can organize and purge your closet, take you shopping live or remotely and make you laugh until you pee a lot.

Another fashion blog I have found helpful as I have bumbled out of Birkenstocks with jeans and into peep toe leopard flats (sometimes...sometimes....) is Smart Mom Style. Her blog covers more than just on your body style, but style as an essence of daily life.

I'm not a particularly polished woman. If I clean up and sparkle a bit you will notice because it isn't my standard m.o. Although I do not wear the ubiquitous pony tail, two bobby pins and a hair clip is a close second!

I've always admired my friend Missy for her beauty and polish. She is a stay at home mama of two little girls very close in age. Missy is petite and curvy and even if she is wearing yoga pants (THANK YOU GOD, FOR YOGA PANTS!) she wears full makeup and jewelry color coordinated to her outfit. Even when I have caught her at home she at least has some jewelry matching the t-shirt she has on above the yoga pants. She is lovely.

I admire Missy, but I am not going to be her any time soon. I am too tired, too focused on other things. Even when I was younger and worked outside the home I admired the polished set from a distance. Nowadays I do not have a job outside the home and only my two small kidlets see me any given day, why should I bother? I should 'bother' for me! The parenting magazines suggest that fixing our hair and wearing an actual outfit however utilitarian to our days buoys our love life. They suggest that a coat of mascara will show him you are really trying. Frankly, my husband should know I am trying if my kids are alive at the end of a day and dishes piled on the counter proved we all ate something. They say loosing weight for someone else is not as effective as doing it for ourselves. Likewise, I strongly believe us mamas need to add sparkle to our day simply for us.

Personally, my biggest fashion coup as the mama to two girlies under the age of three is quick dry nail polish. I feel like I made an effort when I didn't. (And when it starts to chip ten minutes after I have applied it I don't feel like I wasted an hour.)

Of course, my skill in application still needs...uh, polishing.

Like me, your version of sparkly might not be the full court press of fashion week. Maybe it is a shower and lip gloss. Or you could be on to the devious trick of quick dry nail polish too. Maybe your 'bother' is a new pair of jeans or even nicer pants...a sassier top than the typical t-shirt. Something that takes five minutes more and lifts your spirit. Whatever makes YOU feel polished and pretty make the effort to do it more days than not. For me, some happy red lipstick more in place for a night out makes me feel more bombshell and less bombed out mama. Even if I am just cleaning pee off the bathroom floor. Even if it is a color you wouldn't leave the house in, slick it on and grin through your day. Besides, the kids enjoy a happy kiss mark on their tummy. And their forehead. And the mirror!

Just bother.

And please share! What blogs or websites have you discovered to help us reclaim our inner bombshells? Please share in the comments below!

How to ACTUALLY Do Your "To Do" List

This post from imom charged me up: "How to Be Radically Intentional With Your Time".    Are you kidding? I loved it and hated it. I mean sure, I make lists.  But...does anyone really complete the list?  Especially when "Laundry" is at the top?  Am I the only one doing anything (even playing puppy with the kids) to avoid it?  And do not get me started about dishes.  Does every other grown adult actually do them directly after the meal?  Am I the only one where if the dishes are actually done, I feel a housekeeper must be around the corner or hidden in my closet? I usually do dishes five minutes before my husband John is due to walk through the door at night. (Hi Honey!!!)

And even though I shared this Huffington post the same week: "5 Things Highly Successful People do Before Eight in the Morning" I am hard pressed to do even half of these every day.  Or most days.  But I would like to change.  I seem to go in cycles.  Some weeks I am ON FIRE!  I get it mostly all done, I am cheerful most days, and I am so satisfied in my daily life that I almost cannot breathe for the joy of it.  But there there are the other 51 weeks of the year;  not quite the same.

I feel like any given week I am on top in one area or the other, like I am unicycling badly.  Pedaling madly but always in danger of falling over. Maybe I get great exercise in, but the house looks like a pack of dogs ran through it.  Another week I am the sweetest Betty Crocker in my apron whipping up the Good Things in my tiny red kitchen....and have the weight gain to prove it.  Then the week I am a planner magnifique, I get so much done we simply eat cereal for dinner. It seems I may only ever be on  top in one area at a time.  Can you feel me on this?

I would love to hear your tips for a balanced life.  Will you help me?  Either comment here or email me and maybe I will do a compilation post later.  How do you balance all the wonderful things in your life?  How do your friends do it?  How does your Fantasy You do it?

I'm listening.

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5 Tips for Moms In The Bedroom: Boudoir or Boring? (Organization & Decorating)

I read a great blog post about A Mom and Hotel Sex from Jen Ross at Don't Wear Sweats.  If you are grinning right this very moment, you need this post...or you can add awesome insight to this post. It was basically talking about how awesome it is for a married MOTHER to get into a hotel bed.  Etc.   I just thought YES!!! And YES.  John and I have often pondered over the difference a hotel room makes in our ease, our stress and our *brown chicken brown cow*.  Moms, if you EVER told me adult activity would be a challenge for me (other than that three years of spiritual abstinence I chose to live out)...I would have scoffed. 

Before kids.  

NOW I understand what all the fuss (and all the headaches) are about.  

We don't have a TV in our room, because I know that can kill both good rest and good sex.  But I have been thinking about putting one back in.  I won't, but .... we might as well?

 There are a few things I do in our bedroom to have it feel more like a BOUDOIR than the place where small children come to sleep and get evicted.  (At least that only happens every single night.)  For the faint of heart, worry not, this is a DECORATING post, not a "doing it" post.  

After reading this moms and hotel sex article I went straight to my bedroom and photographed the sad state it was in.  I had cleaned and tidied and hotelified our bedroom  many months ago, but it wasn't so inviting as of late. 

Today  I will share some before and after pictures to show what a difference a few touches makes.  And the best things about the AFTER bedroom.  All I need now is to make up those plastic laminated placards and set them around the room....we are the Novak Hotel!

TOP TIPS for BOUDOIR instead of BORING in the Bedroom

1) Lighting, lighting, lighting.  Nix the overhead light and use one small side lamp in your bedroom. Everybody and everything looks better in candlelight.  Better yet make it a massage oil candle.  You are welcome.  

2) Give your eyes places to rest in the room.  If you have a bunch of things to look at, a TV, 500 pictures and piles of laundry, it can feel too busy to your subconscious.  Less is much much more!

3)  Make your bed every morning.  EVERY MORNING.  And enjoy cozying up under a real or faux down comforter.  Flannel sheets.  Get a little crazy with textures at any budget.  We do not do the hospital corners or anything, just a big fluffy duvet we pull up over the bed, straighten and throw a bunch of pillows down.  Whenever I walk into the room during the day or even at night, it feels WUNNERFUL to have that gorgeously made bed there.  Even when it is piled up with laundry or children.  Still lovely.

4) Purge Purge Purge!  Go through your closet and drawers and give away anything you do not love and use and wear regularly.  Even if you LIKE the item, someone else may NEED it, and they may LOVE it.  With less things in your bedroom, you will spend less time handling them, moving them, smooshing them out of the way.  When I open my tidied closet and it is simple and organized, I feel so at ease and relaxed.  I start thinking about brown chickens and brown cows instead of "Ohmylawdineedtocleanthisfreakingcloset!!!"

5) Ditch your family.  Seriously.  Put a lock on your bedroom door to avoid toddler surprise visits.  Maybe move your family pictures to the living room instead of your boudoir.  Kind of hard to feel hotel wantonly with your hunky hubby if Junior is grinning from the nightstand.  You know you love your kids.  Your kids know you love them.  You will probably remember what they look like in the morning without having the pictures right there.

I hope these tips help YOU to set the scene for a relaxing boudoir of your own.  Even if you simply  kick back with a glass of wine cup of tea and a magazine!

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Gordmans Valparaiso: Customer Service FAIL

Let me start off by saying this would be  a whole lot funnier if I wasn't trying to live my love out loud.  Insert angry mother language to boost your enjoyment at any stage in this post. Please do not shop at  the new Gordmans "Something Unexpected" store In Valparasio, Indiana without reading this first.  I raved about their excellent prices last week to my fellow mamas.   But then THIS happened. 

It was "UNEXPECTED" alright!

I had already made a second trip to the store one week ago to exchange one pair of sequined boots for a different size.  The cashier was pleasant but took a loooong time.  Probably half as long as it really took seeing as how I was trying to keep my two darlings from grabbing the candy off the displays or poking strangers in the leg with love. But still long enough that I offered to just return the boots instead of exchanging them for the right size.  It was a new store, so she probably was still learning.  I get it. After I got home I threw away the receipt since I was pretty sure I didn't need it any more.


When the boots split up the side after regular wear over a two week period, we were NOT happy.  So I load up Libby after we drop Portia off at preschool and drive out to Gordmans.  The cashier was pleasant, but informed me without the Gordman's card I would only get store credit and also be docked 15% since I didn't have the receipt. 


It was admittedly my fault for not keeping a receipt for when product I just bought fell apart.  Literally.  OK I will give you that.  Good customer service would have paid A LOT more attention to the fact they sold me shoddy goods than anything else.  No one even apologized.  (Or for that matter, acted surprised their merchandise fell apart.)

I didn't even mind I could only get store credit.  I would have understood if the boots were suddenly on sale and they could only reimburse me for the sale price.  But to just blanket  penalize me 15%?  I would guess most returns come with a receipt, but many will not.  It seems Gordmans is just clearly stating that once you buy from them you are stuck with that item.  And that item could be shoddy and fall apart.

I was so upset and frustrated I actually drove alllll the way home to double check for the receipt.  I did not have it.  I drove alllll the way back to Gordmans and asked to speak to the Manager.  The sweet but helpless cashier had more personality than the store manager.  He just stood there with his arms to his sides as I spoke.  Again, no apology.  No customer service.  Not a care in the world for me or any customer, I imagine. I must be expecting too much, since Gordmans is exactly like TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Walmart, etc.  Since it is just like every other retail store I guess it doesn't need to do anything to stand out at all.  Except not care about their customers.

About all he said was "Well, that is the benefit of getting the Gordmans card; you can return things without a receipt!"

Are you kidding me?  I had your product fall apart in my hands after two weeks of wear.  You are charging me 15% for not having my receipt and now you think for one tiny second I want the Gordmans store card?

God helped me and I was pleasant, calm and direct.  I admitted it was my fault not having the receipt, but as a mama my time and money meant a lot to me and I would spend it at Target or Kohl's who sell similar stuff at similar prices and have AWESOME return policies.   Customer friendly policies.  Alongside actual customer service.

And then.

I handed over those pink sparkly boots and said I was so upset, angry and disappointed  he could keep them and my twelve dollars and I would never shop there again.  And I would warn my friends before they thought about shopping there what to expect from Gordman's "Expect the Unexpected"  I should have read their signs more closely.

His reaction was....nothing.  

What will your reaction be?  Do you have any customer service stories to share?

UPDATE:  I tweeted this post to Gordmans and got this back, a shining ray of hope?  I dunno...policy change would be more exciting. 

Heather Curlee Novak@LiveLoudHeather
@gordmans your Valparaiso Manangement needs… - 21 Oct
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@LiveLoudHeather Thank you for letting us know! I have already notified the district manager so they can make needed changes!
10:00 PM - 21 Oct 13

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UPDATE TWO: I have in the past 24 hours also received emails from the District and General Store managers.  Very nice to see they are very concerned, but no thank you, I do not want a replacement pair of the boots, etc.  I want you to delight your customers, something we dearly need in the world, right friends?  Love what you do, train your team to love what they do and reward them for loving what they do.  It makes a HUGE difference, how we move in the world.

If you would like to see a real salesman at work watch Kenny Brooks here on You Tube!

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Loud and PROUD: Moms Daily Buzz Used my Little Words!!! (Wait till You See What They Were)

I really enjoy Daily Buzz for moms website. They have fast, easy posts to help you with so many things in you rmama life.  AND.....I was quoted as  one of their weekly NINE! SQUEEEEEEE!  I talk about how to paint a house with toddlers underfoot.  OR how not to.

They posted this maybe a month ago but I am a bit behind in the blogosphere, Forgive?

You can read my little quote and the other great home improvement posts by clicking here.

Just do all your house painting before having kids. Get ...

For the love of all that is holy, DON”T!!! Don’t paint any room in your house with little kids running about...there will be spills, yelling, and worse. Just do all your house painting before hav...   more»

If you need ideas for homemade Halloween Costumes they have a great post on that this week.


3 Easy Tips for Parents of Toddlers (No Helicopter Parents Here, Just Responsible Toddlers!)

Attention busy parents:  Could you use an extra hour each day? Here are three tips to create a responsible toddler and get you more Me Time.  With these easy tips your toddler can do a lot more than you let them, even if you are a Helicopter parent!  They can help around the house.  They can be responsible for themselves.  You do not have to do EVERYTHING.  

When I was single and did not have children, I learned an important life lesson:  You teach people how to treat you. This is true of our children too. If you let them jump all over you or walk all over you or run through stores or scream to get their way you are teaching them how to treat you.  If you enjoy your life as it is, stop reading and move on to this post on Fall Decorating or this one about free 5 minute kitchen makeovers instead.

Maybe you want to do everything for your child?  I am still reeling from drinks out when a gorgeous, lovely young woman I admire actually bragged that she picked out all of her kid's clothes everysingleday.  YIKES.  I told her she might be doing it when he is 40 years old if she doesn't watch it.  

Since this is a post with parenting advice, I will gird my loins now for my little angels to be Rotten for the next week.  The last time I shared how to have nice kids who behave well in nice stores, I paid for it, for sure!  But that is OK.  I fail at many aspects of parenthood and do not think that I have perfect kids or am a perfect parent.  At. All.

Here are the 3 Easy Tips for Parents of Toddlers:

1)  Let them try and fail.
Your kids will never learn how to do something well if you do not give them many chances to learn how. Yes, You do it betterfastertherightway.  Let them learn how to do it just like you did.  The wrong way, their way, and then the right way.  Check out the bed making Pinterest post below for encouragement.

2) Let them clean up their own mess.
I do not wipe up spills, potty accidents or toy tornadoes.  If my kids get it out, they put it back.  If they spill it, they get the cleaners out and clean it up.  They are lovingly taught by my hubby and I that they CAN DO IT!  And that they are RESPONSIBLE FOR IT!  In our house,  toys left out mean "I am tired of taking care of these, can we please donate them to Goodwill?"  We use the Love and Logic Parenting Book lingo too, "You only have to clean up the toys you want to keep." Of course there are days when I do tidy up.  And I often do a second "Real' clean after theirs.  But as a house rule, this stands and it is AWESOME how proud of themselves and what they can accomplish these little girls are.

3) Find simple short reminders for them.
Our girls know what is expected of them.  We use the same language, AKA 'Talking Points' so the message is consistent.  "If you bring it, you carry it" "I didn't get the toys out, I don't clean them up!"  "If you are tired of taking care of that, we can give it to someone who needs one and wants to take care of it."  "You made the mess, you can do a good job of cleaning it up!" and Love & Logic again;  "I will help you when you are working harder than I am."

My girls are 2.5 and 4.5 years old, to give you perspective.  With that in mind, here are some things your toddler could be/may already be doing:  
  • Dressing themselves (Selecting outfit, putting dirty clothes in the laundry and putting lightly used pjs back in the correct drawer.)
  • Making their bed (allow imperfection and do not correct.  LOVED this Pinterest Post.)  I started my 4y.o. on this MOST mornings and the 2.5 y.o. wanted to do it too!
  • Helping set the table, clear the table and load/unload the dishwasher with help. p.s. We use breakable dishes, and I am the only one so far who has broken anything!
  • Picking up and putting away their own toys.  Also carrying their own stuff when we go places.  They bring ONE toy along and it usually stays in the stroller/bike trailer/car when we are out and about.
  • Going potty and washing their hands mostly on their own.
  • Eating nicely with adults.  Decent manners, fairly neatly, limited playing "messing around" at least when coached.  We ask them to stay at the table until the meal is finished most of the time.  They have eaten meals with us from babyhood, which helps.  We don't allow grazing through meals: eat or do not eat, no problem, but the meal is served and then the meal is over.

Discipline is hard to do all day every day.  It is so HARD, people!  But. It works. We love the "Love & Logic" techniques.  You can find more information here. We took a few classes, I read some books, watched some videos.  I post note cards around the house with teaching reminders for myself.  

Sometimes my kids do jump on the couch.  Sometimes I feed them tic tacs to keep them acting sweet.  Sometimes I apologize to them for my yelling or overreacting to their behavior.  We often pray together (or they 'prayer' for me) and ask God to help us all be patient and sweet.  Some days I just turn on the TV or let them shred the newspaper all over the living room while I spend an hour on Facebook.  I'm NOT a perfect mama...but I am working hard to be a good one most days.  And I want my girls to grow into responsible adults who can take care of themselves.  And I do not want them to live with me when they are grown.  Do you?

I'm sure you can all share other fabu tricks your kids do, I would like to hear from you!  

Comments and shares and likes on FB are blogger gold.  Seriously, it's like you bought me a cup of coffee.  THANKS!

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I have a talk called "Life (with toddler) Rules" you can see a teaser for here. I have learned most things I know about parenting from my mistakes.  Painful mistakes.  Then I  share them with you!

What NOT to Say When You Receive Criticism (And One Question You Need to Ask)

Sometimes a word of advice is warranted AND well received.  Other times, not so much.  I need YOUR advice, Friends.  I'm a sucker for great customer service, and a stickler for bad service, bad attitudes  etc.  A friend today complimented my outfit sweetly and also commented on the shop where I bought an accessory I was wearing.  She said sadly she had been in the store twice but the salesgirl(also the owner) was kind of snotty to her.  I was surprised and lamented.  My friend went on that maybe she wasn't the right demographic for her store, but that she didn't  want to buy anything from there since she wasn't made to feel welcome at all.  I shared that I was always welcomed, the lady complimented me on my girls' behavior, etc.  I was embarrassed for the shop and sad for my friend.

Later that day I had a chance to pop into the shop.  I wanted to...I don't know, warn the lady?  Protect the viability of the store against any Uber Posh behavior?  Or just share how she had hurt my friend's feelings and thus her business?  My intentions were good.  I didn't describe my pal or name names.  And I shouldn't have bothered!

After our initial smiles and greetings, I said quietly, out of earshot of the other customer,"I wanted to let you know I was talking about my scarf with a friend, she said she came in here a few times but never felt very welcome. I love this store and thought you should know."  The woman bristled and snapped, "What did I do or say that was so offensive?"

YIKES.  She didn't seem to care AT ALL that she upset a customer.  She was not apologetic, concerned or anything I would have expected in her reaction.  I stammered that maybe she wasn't  the right demographic.  Maybe it was a bad day?

She caustically snarked something like "I'm not an idiot, I know how to treat people.  Some people aren't happy if you do not kiss their asses."  


I assured her my friend is not that sort of person.  She is sweet, quiet, almost shy.  As I type this now I remember another friend who said the same shop owner had yelled at her family member for returning an item of clothing.  I thought at the time maybe the returner was antagonistic or something since again, my experience with this lady had always been positive.    

Now I begin to wonder.

I left the store, feeling hurt myself.  I was trying to warn the lady.  My intentions were good.  Now I do not feel as warm and fuzzy about the store, the owner.  Now I might not be as eager to stroll through and shop there.  How many customers has she lost if just the two friends I have talked to cost her a minimum of five customers?

When you are criticized, please look at it as someone caring enough to SAY SOMETHING.  Many folks won't say a word.   Even though it HURTS, ask yourself "What part of this COULD BE TRUE?"  Work through it.  Take it humbly.  Someone cares enough to say something.  

And you already know what not to say when you are criticized.

What would you have said, what should I have said?  And if you all DON'T COMMENT I might just stop blogging because no one really reads my blahbloggityblah!   

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TIDBITS: Organization and Decorating Kitchen Spices on Budget with Before and After Pictures

TIDBIT:  Get thee a label maker! 

Simple organization for kitchen spices in the kitchen is every homemaker's goal.  It may  not be pinworthy, but I put my spices in two kid shoeboxes and use those to pull out what I need.  Sure I could buy something lovely like this rack or this spice tiffen  but for our simple house,  any ol shoebox will do.  

It would be really cute if I painted or papered the boxes, but I haven't gotten to that yet.  Or ever.  I like to look at pretty things, so maybe I should revisit my laziness here.  One coat of acrylic paint would be fun and easy.


See what a difference just taking the two minutes to make a label for them does?  How much better, orderly and legible a simple label is?  WOW.  

I'm using my hubby's label maker so often I've begun to wonder about other label colors and patterns...hmmm can it be even more awesome?  

P.s Libby demos what happens when you go too fast and forget to check font size!

Do you have any tips for organizing spices in the kitchen?

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