TIDBITS: Organization and Decorating Bathrooms on Budget

TIDBIT: When inspired, BUY IT/Do It THEN!

I just don't have an eye for decorating, and I am OK with that.  When I do see something and can imagine how it will all go together, I move RIGHT THEN.  Otherwise I will forget the idea or the item will be gone or I will be out of money for the month.  In this case, I laud the Target Dollah Aisle.  Sometimes you can hit a decorating home run, sometimes the other women all got there before you could get your kids out of the car. (And then out of the bathroom, then past the goldfish endcap and then you miss out.)  Othertimes....you have a Fabulous Target day like I just had.

I first saw the Fall hand towels. With two little kids washing their hands all the time (both because they are filthy little folks and also because they are SO PROUD to do it ALLBYMYSELF) our hand towels run thin.  So I bought seven one dollar hand towels,  then saw  the baskets for $3 each and soon a plan formed in my head.  

It seems just putting things INTO a container makes everything pull together better.  My husband teased me, "I thought you didn't like baskets???" but even he couldn't argue with the price!

I basically added a layer of warmth, tidiness and decoration for around fifteen bucks. WIN!  

P.S. I'll send that slightly used Dora potty seat to whoever posts the best decoating tip in the comments.  LOL.

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