Thrifty Fashionistas: Come to Goodwill's Little Black Dress Fashion Show September 19 Valparaiso Indiana

Do you ever wish thrift store shopping could be less thrifty?  Maybe easier to find the golden items?  Like someone could hand pick all the good designer labels and in fashion stuff out from amid the granny sweaters and stinky stained stuff YOU actually already donated to Goodwill last year?  I tried on a bunch of fabulous thrift store duds last night at my fitting for the Goodwill LBD (Little Black Dress) Fashion Show here in Valparaiso Indiana September 19th at Strongbow Inn.  Did you know Goodwill has fancy designer label stuff and often new with tags clothing you can buy for a only a few bucks?  

OH!  I had a Personal Shopper, too. My very own.

Cuz that's how I roll.  

No it isn't, but let's all pretend, mmmkay?

My personal shopper was fashion consultant and TV personality Kathy Friend, who's awesomeness has few limits.   I shared the one fashion tip she gave me that changed my "life" in this post.  A few months ago she asked me to model in Goodwill's "Little Black Dress" Fashion Show here in Valparaiso.   I invited my freinds in on it, and last night my MARVELOUS  Mother in Law Monte and I went for our fitting.  Yeah, we had a fitting.  The last time I had a fitting I was trying on wedding dresses!  

I felt like a supermodel!  It was awesome, the racks of clothing, the shoes and accessories all set up for me.  Look at these clothing racks and outfits!  All the pieces they say you should wear on What Not To Wear;  jackets, necklaces, several shoe options....VUNDERBAR!

I guess I didn't realize how much effort went into a fashion show...did you?  I've seen posts on how to set out your "outfit" for the next day with accessories and shoes and everything, but usually I just grab what I am in the mood for.  Or what doesn't need ironing and is kind of clean.  I am a mom after all...


I do think Moms Should Bother dressing themselves up a bit, even when they are "just" staying home with little ones.  Not every day, but maybe most days?  So maybe you as a young woman, mom or grandmother could use some fashion advice?  And you like to support good causes and nonprofits in your community?  And you enjoy a gourmet lunch at The Strongbow Inn?  Well, get a ticket or just show up to Goodwill's Little Black Dress Event the NWI Times wrote up here.  See Kathy Friend's TV commercial for it on You Tube here.

Apparently Monte and I are modeling with Radio One Celebrities including Laura Waluszko and Ric Federighi!  This pretty little Laura lady was finishing her fitting as we came in.  She was VERY excited about her shoes Kathy Friend had selected for her to wear!  I was tickled to ooh and ahh with her and Monte over the fuss of it all.

We get to model three "Looks" for the Valparaiso fashion show; a day, evening and Little Black Dress look.  (No I won't have my sweaty hair in a top knot for the show, it was HOT yesterday People!)  I won't tell you any more, but I am SERIOUSLY interested in buying some of what I wear and A LOT of what is just in the boutique.  I'm a lazy thrifter..I admit I want a Personal Shopper handpicking things for me and I will get that and at half price.  That is my busy mama kind of shopping, folks!

Thrifty Fashionistas: Come to Goodwill's Little Black Dress Fashion Show September 19 in Valparaiso, Indiana (and get 50% off the Goodwill Boutique!) Get Fashion Ideas from Kathy Friend, Fashion Consultant, a gourmet lunch at Strongbow Inn and come see me break an ankle and crash into tables strut my stuff on the runway for the fashion show!  

Oh Yeah, and all the BEST LABELS and TRENDIEST Goodwill Clothes handpicked from area stores at 50% off in the Goodwill Fashion Boutique.  SERIOUSLY, folks,  Buy your ticket and COME see it yourself! 

What is the ONE Thing YOU would like fashion help with? Tell me in the comments, please!  (It is a great way to see who actually reads my happy prattle!)

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