The HARSH Truth: What to Know When Planning Your Baby's First Birthday Party

Oh Mamas!  The truth about planning your baby's first birthday party is about as ugly as the contents of a  cloth diaper after a fruit eating bender.  There are a few things you will not realize about planning a party for your Littlest Darling, possibly until it is too late.   But I have already made the mistakes and am here to tell you How To Avoid Disaster!  I hope you enjoy my Three Tips about Planning Baby's First Birthday Party. 
Rainbow Birthday Cake for my Daughter!

Please come on over to see me at Mumbling Mommy and see if your planning needs improvement!

NOTE:  Meg from Adventures of a Small Town Mom was 100% what I am talking about...lookit her one year olds' party theme:  You WON'T BELIVE IT!

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