Best Grocery Shopping Tip to Save Money Without Coupons

I have stood and practically cried in  the middle of the grocery store twice in the past month or so. I angst over the cost of organic food, and then get embarrassed by the fact I can even afford it and have the gall to still angst.  I worry over eating less animal products and the impact on my health, but know I dropped five pounds the week I ate meat every day.

Upstairs Pantry
I want to feed my kids healthy stuff, but then again, they are kids with that tricky kid palate I thought was an indulged figment of our society's imagination.

I'd like to shop the farmer's market, then Aldi, then Costco, and then our local Strack and Van Til.   But that is a lot of driving and taking little kids in and out of carseats and folks, I'm tired.  And maybe a little lazy. So I pay too much to just shop easier.

Minted Pea & Avocado Spread!

And I never use coupons.  I jsut loose them or I buy 90% whole food that doesn't get a bar code or coupon on it in the first place.  And I make my own cleaners.  So...

How can I save you moolah?  What simple awesome tip can I offer you to save money on groceries? Before I get to my favorite tip, let me share a bonus tip with you fine folks:

Our family loves the app because I do meal planning with it and recipe ingredients get added to the shopping list with one click.  For grocery shopping  Cozi rocks too because John can look at it on his phone and see what I have added to the list so we work smarter that way.  But wait, there is more...

You know how sometimes you buy too much?  You forget you already had sixteen cans of something or something is on sale but you cannot recall if you have the other ingredients to make a meal out of it? You can waste money that way.  BIG MONEY.  You also waste time with extra shopping trips or ruined attempts at meals without all the things you need to complete and serve them.  

HERE'S the real TIP:  Take. A. Picture.

Use your awesome addictive iphone or Android (Love you, Samsung!) whathaveyou and simply take a picture of your pantry, kitchen cabinet and fridge right BEFORE you go shopping.
Basement Pantry!


You are welcome. Now please share YOUR tips for saving money at the grocery store...because I need help!

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