What are YOUR Ten Days?

I read my bloggy friend Cathy's post today about the "Ten Best Days of Your Life"  You should head over there right now to read it!  She got me thinking, what are the ten best days of my life? These aren't all specific days exactly...and I do enjoy most of my normal days too!

1)  My first apartment on Pleasant street as a Senior in high school.  Independence was mine.  Also my first day in Chicago, walking the windy, dirty streets of the Gold Coast looking for my first Chicago apartment, drinking my very first cup of Starbucks coffee (a mocha!).  

Best days of your life2)  When I REALLY quit smoking.  I smoked for years, and quit so many times my friends would laugh when I said I was quitting again.  I used Quitnet and FINALLY quit.  I may have attempted to smoke here and there since...but it is NASTY.  I thank God every time I see a smoker, that I do not smoke anymore....and I pray for them that they realize how awesome they are that they do not need to smoke either.

3)  Running the Sunburst  5K with my Dad.  I basked in his pride.  I was finally running and seeking out healthy things for myself.  It was the first of many, many runs together, with other friends and family, in Indiana and Chicago before and after grandchildren and husbands.  I complain during every one, but secretly love it.  

4)  John's Proposal on December 3, 2006. A romantic Starbuck's coffee delivery when he picked me up, geocaching where we walked on an early date looking for a cache (this time with a sparkly princess cut engagement ring!) & Chicago Lyric Opera trip to see Romeo & Juliet!

5)  Our Wedding Day:  Just ridiculously perfect in the glass ceilinged atrium of The Marriott in  South Bend Indiana.  An accidental royalty theme added to our intentional Shakespeare one, making my own brown & blue invitations, programs etc.  The candy decor as both fun to look at and a guest mixer and a party favor...marvelous hit.  Enjoying a post nuptial kiss at the South Bend Chocolate Company where we had our first date, and FINALLY ending three years of abstinence: PRICELESS!

6)  Feeling Portia move in my belly any morning while I sat on the couch reading my bible and doing devotions!   The roll of my skin and shifting movements of my baby girl growing inside my body was incredible.  Except at night, when I was trying to sleep.  Just as awesome with Libby too.

7)  When my Girls learned to walk.  Or maybe that was the worst day?  I just loved seeing the surprise and pride on their tiny faces.  And also when they learned to use the potty.  FABULOUS Day, Folks!
One of my favorite things about raising children is watching them discover for the first time  something I take for granted and do myself a jillion times a day.  PRESHUPS!

8)  Any day at our Dreamland Cabin in Estes Park, Colorado. Especially when I got to bring my family there. It is hidden away behind a bluff and so simple.  I have gone there many times with and without my family but every day there is a delight and so restful.  I loved going there alone as a young woman, and I love taking my husband and girls there too.


9)  Recording my first radio piece with Lee Burdorf at WVPE for NPR.  He is always so warm and funny and encouraging. I was THRILLED to have one submission accepted, imagine my humbled delight when I was invited to join the regulars for a almost monthly airing for Michiana Chronicles!  I am proud and exhilarated to be able to do these radio bits.

10)  Any day I speak to a group!  I LOVE engaging and inspiring other people with my humor and frankness.  God blessed me to entertain and challenge others through my speaking, and when someone invites me to speak  and I get to meet a new group of people to rally I am in my best sweet spot!

What are YOUR Ten Best Days?  This was an interesting exercise for me, and I would love to hear about your Ten Best Days!


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