Surprising My Husband: Mama Does Miley!

It is hard to feel sexy when you are somebody's mother.   Just this weekend as a rare opportunity for adult activity came up, my husband and I rolled over to see our girl's stuffed toys Violet and Scout nestled in our bed. Little bit of a mood killer. I think we washed dishes or did laundry instead.  Kids take the fun out of some things pretty fast, amiright?


Some kids put the fun back into being an adult too, right, Miley Cyrus? I didn't watch the VMAs but I sure heard about them.  There are more worthwhile things to blog about, but as a mom to small children, I don't get out much.

The first post I found on Facebook was MamaPop's This is Not My MTV .  In a word: awesome.   

I loved reading  HuffPost's Dear Miley Letter and also BuzzFeed's What Miley Cyrus was Trying to Do Vs. What She Did

These writers were thoughtful and for the most part encouraging.  A friend brought up the point that our reaction to Miley Cyrus at the VMAs may reflect our parent's reaction to Madonna in her first heyday.  I remember rocking her tousled hair bandanna headband and black jelly bracelets for a solid year.  Or more.  

So now I am a mama, and I have different standards, this Miley business...ugh.

As I read and watched a variety  of accounts of her desperate  performance at the VMAs, I suddenly realized what I needed to do to live the wild life myself. I need to once again embrace what is apparently trendy and GO FOR IT!

Won't my husband be surprised when he gets home?

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