Immediate Help for a Crummy Day!

Before Having Children, I was so lighthearted and fancy free.  Now I can be pretty surly and grouchy at times, and I do not like it.  I have a lot of responsibility and people saying "MOM!  Mom?  Mom..... Uh MOOOOOMMMM!!!!!"  It can wear on a person who hasn't gotten any coffee yet.

You may notice a theme here, but I am supposed to be having a wee little bit of devotional time.  It's already become "one of those mornings", and I figured if I didn't have a quick chat with The Almighty the morning could head south quickly.  And by that I mean yelling, time outs, crying and maybe eating too much food.  So.  Devotions.  

I read a passage from 40 Days With Jesus by Sarah Young (She wrote the Jesus Calling Kids devotionals...AMAZINGLY real and direct and SHORT daily devos for kids.) And in it Jesus said "This is how I choose to live in the world and accomplish My purposes."


I called my husband who was driving to work immediately, the first smile of the morning on my face.  I apologized for my crabbiness, for sending him to work with that worried expression he gets.  Like when he feels like he is skipping away from the disaster of a day at home with small children.

"This is how I choose to live in the world and accomplish My purposes."  I CHOOSE.  

Yes, there is chaos, and water stained tables and dog hair and children asking for breakfast and dishes to put away and family coming to visit and ohmyLawdIdongotabraonyit! 


I will take care of it all, one of two ways.  I can be stressed and grouchy and hurried and surly.  I can frown and bang things and move too fast and shout at people who hinder "My Way."

OR.  Oh friends, it is SUCH a big "OR":

I can spend some time with the One who made me.  I can be gently and lovingly reminded that I choose how to live within my days.  I may not choose the days, but I sure can choose how I LIVE THEM.  I want to LIVE WELL.  

So I smiled.  I called that husband of mine and thanked him for doing the dishes I now only have to put away.  I smiled.  I'll put on some red lipstick.  I'll turn on some happy music and burn some inspiring essential oils.  And I will share it all with you.  

How do YOU choose to live in the world today? 

Need 3 Quick Ideas?  Read "Need Happy? Make Your Own!"

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