Guest Post at We Three Crabs "Aim Low When Praying for Toddlers"

I aim low when I pray for my two little girls.  Praying for toddlers is easy, but how do you do it?  I do not ask for perfect health, riches and happiness.  If you wanna know my simple prayer c'mon over to We Three Crabs and visit me as I guest post there.

Erica has been a friend for so long.  We were next door neighbors on Altgeld Street and she got me going to church in the first place.  I found Granger Community Church because of her.  It is an AWESOME place for someone who wants nothing to do with church.  They make everybody feel comfortable and I loved belonging there for several years before we moved.  I still watch online and stay in touch with friends.  

I have watched Erica develop from being unhappy and snarky (And hilarious about it) to deeply fulfilled, peaceful and HAPPY in her marriage and motherhood and faith.  I continue to be proud of her, surprised by her, and a little envious of how she has bloomed these past years.  I am honored to guest on her blog "We Three Crabs" and share how I pray for my toddlers.  

Here's to Motherhood, Erica!!!!

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