Bodacious Blog of the Week: Moms Gone Zen + Craftastic DIY Body Wrap

I love to DIY when I can, and DIY spa stuff, as you guys know, has been a beautiful disaster in the Novak Household.  But still, you know, spa like!  I was looking for a DIY slimming body wrap instead of forking over jajillions for something that really hasn't worked although They say IT WORKS.
Picture from Moms Gone Zen Blog

So I found a few ideas, and then I found "Moms Gone Zen" a blog for all kinds of spa DIY and geared towards us mamas who maybe have, ummmm two minutes behind a bathroom door to do anything  indulgent.  Like Poop.

In their 'about us' page the two Michelles who run the site state "We are dedicated to relieving stress by finding the best solutions to moms most common problems".  SIGN. ME. UP.

So. The body wrap site that suggested I leave the wrap on for 6 hours....riiiiiight.    The Mom's Gone Zen site that suggests an hour...YES!  NAPTIME!

I found their Summer Wrap to Detoxify and Tighten to be a great spa DIY for me to try.  You can find the video and ingredients (which you may already have on hand!  SCORE!) by heading over there now.

I did the wrap and looked slimmer, but by the time I unwrapped myself I had so much else going on I didn't measure and all of that.  I think if you are young and  single this is a great pastime.  If you have an important even or someone will be seeing you naked, a wrap is great.  For this mama?  Fergit it.  Too much trouble.  I'll go with candlelight, thank you very much.

I'd love to hear your feedback: love it, hate it?  Too busy to bother?

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