5 Day Challenge RESULTS! (PLUS 3 Snack Tricks You Need)

Six pounds down. 

 SIX. POUNDS.  In 5 days. 

 And I lost 4 inches overall too.  Oh Yeah. Thanks to Dan Vukmirovich, Shakeology, and the 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge! Big thanks also to my husband John in the trenches with me and the other folks who participated egging me on.  I might have been a little hungry here and there, but planning my meals and snacks IN ADVANCE was really helpful.  The menus were 'Clean Eating", so no processed food or sweets and only whole grain bread etc.  I had HORRIBLE headaches & nausea the second & third day, but after that I felt GREAT and had good energy.  I skipped my nap and cleaned the house like a banshee.  
This stuff is NOT on The List

It was at times tricky for John and I both to get a workout in since we run or walk outside and do classes or machines at the YMCA.  We were a healthy kind of sore and proud of ourselves.  We started some good habits.  We are both very focused on our next steps and what we need to do on our own to continue this downward spiral of the scale.  I am already up a few pounds after "Weekend Eating" so this will continue to be WORK.

I'm feeling anxious about our menu...having it planned for me was great since someone else had to do all the math.  The menu we followed was too low in calories for regular use and was only meant as a jump start...not sure how well I will do planning our food.  I tried to use Sparkpeople's menu & shopping list, but they have some funky stuff show up as meals and I did not have the time or energy to change each meal for myself.  

I was really surprised and proud to see I could really follow a restricted menu...I believe I can finally break my nasty habit of tracking my food and simply laughing when I go over...way over...my instructed calories.  I learned to REALLY inspect my food calorie values and made choices accordingly.  Do you people know one large fried shrimp is 150 calories?????  UGH.

Along the way I learned a few helpful things you might like to know:

SNACK TRICK #1 Don't eat waffle cones!  
Have your (rare and calorie counted) ice cream on a CAKE cone...most ice cream scoops of 1/2 cup are about 200 calories.  A cake cone is about 20 calories, vs. a waffle cone weighing in at 200 extra calories!

SNACK TRICK #2 Starbucks SKINNY SUGAR FREE Frappachino (however it is spelled) 
A tall is only 100 calories and is closer to a milkshake than should be allowed.  I was DELIGHTFULLY surprised.  Of course, artificial sweetener isn't a clean food.  FYI.

SNACK TRICK #3 It is hard to eat vegan and loose weight. 
It just is. My Dad slimmed down so nicely on the Paleo Diet while I preached to him about "plant strong" and "Engine 2 Diet" I'm just eating meat more often and trying trying trying to avoid carby foods other than beans and grains like quinoa.  I'll keep looking at what can satisfy in the vegan department...but meat took the pounds off.  Maybe I will die sooner, but I will be thinner. That sounds terrible, huh?  Eating clean no matter what is a very healthy option.  

Do you have any Snack Tricks you could share with me? Ima gonna need 'em!

P.S. CONGRATS to Angela!
I'm thrilled to hear Angela's "5 Day Choose Your Challenge" was to track her food and fitness with My Exercise Pal.

As of today, 57 folks read the Challenge post but only Angela commented & took a personal 5 Day Challenge!  

What is everybody else doing?  Already  Perfect & no need for further improvement?

Probably eating Cheetos and drinking Coke Zero while they read my blog.  HARRUMPH. 

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