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Some days I want to write.  I want to be brilliant.  But....

My four year old pees her pants* and we have a sitter but I’m taking care of it because the sitter is ten years old.  Precious, but ten. 


*And by 'pees her pants' we mean got pee all over her pants because she tried to squat in the yard to pee.  Oblivious to the fact we do that while wearing bathing suits.  Not shorts.  Hello?  At least I will save money on college tuition.

Just tooooo lazy to actually write today
I have decided to compile a blog post with fill in the blanks like Mad Libs, and you are all welcome to use it anytime you like.  Just end your post with “I’m living my love out loud!” 

You know this will be so brilliant and high quality you will all want to steal it, yes? I would love to see your answers in the comments below.  Maybe the best one will win (something of low value).  


Today I was  (emotion)   and I thought (insightful deep thought).  

I mean really  (meaningful idea or crazy action)   is a   (colorful description)  thing, right?

So I Decided to   (something to pass time)  for a while.  

I wanted to  (action of some interesting sort) with  

(pet or person or invisible friend)  but just going with the flow sounded better.

Do you ever  (private habit or embarassing hobby) ?  I think we all do it, but  (adverb) talk about it.  You  should have seen my (person or body part) when it happened!

I think today is the day we should all (Grand action or change).  

Are you going to?  What do you (Grand action or change) ?

NOTE:  After posting this, I googled Mad Libs Blog to see if anyone else was a brilliant as me.  Unfortunately...way more brillianter.  Check this TED Talk application out!

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