Pick Your OWN 5 Day Challenge: Donuts, Shakeology and Meat, OH MY!

Happy Monday, All!  (Or should I say Y'all?)

Day One of my Five Day Eat Clean Challenge using Shakeology.  I first posted about this Five Day Challenge here. I didn't think this would be a big deal since I perceive* that John and I eat fairly well...but when it comes down to his challenge to ME for the week "Don't Deviate From the Menu."  I got a little breathless.  


I'm going to see Jean at Indian Lake...isn't fried chicken SUPPOSED TO BE INVOLVED?  Or sweets and chips and....oh no.  So I packed lunch for all of us, an innocent turkey wrap. And my walnuts + banana morning snack, my Shakeology shake afternoon snack.  I plan to be back for dinner: Honey Mustard chicken boobies and steamed well seasoned broccoli.  Well.

I am so grateful John and my friend Tracy are doing this challenge with me.  John reminds me it is only FIVE DAYS.  I remind me we spent $30 on shakes for the week.  FOR THE WEEK PEOPLE!  (Or week minus 2 days, right?)  And I bought more meat for meals this week than we have probably eaten in months.  We eat Smeagan, as I've mentioned. So that was a little gross and expensive, but nothing else is working.  John did the best EVER on Men's Health Diet, and my Dad is slimming down so nicely with the Paleo  AKA Caveman Diet.  I am kind of stoked to eat more meat.  And if I can get over my squeamishness about what it might do to my health...cottage cheese and greek yogurt are on this week's menu too!

I could've eaten junk yesterday but I turned it down THREE TIMES, People!  Long John Donuts, Cheese Pringles and a Cupcake.  I said "No" in order to ramp up for this week.  To practice so it isn't as tricky.  I eat a lot of sugar.  Every day.  Y'all know it.  


Do you know since I got my FIT BIT from my Dad for my 41st bday in November last year I have actually GAINED 2 pounds overall?  I have lost ten, but as of this week gained a total of 2 overall.  I have become active, I bike for my errands, trailering 50 pounds of little girls behind me...so it is totally THE FOOD I am eating.  

*I lie to myself.

I also measured my real waist last night.  I've come to terms with my hips, they have always been voluptuous...but I like my tiny waist.  Even as I've developed my "Mummy Tummy" after having kids, I'm still smallish at the waist.  Our Team Beachbody Coach Dan Vukmirovich asked us to measure ourselves and weigh in on Sunday and we did.   So when John started measuring me for our Jump Start around the wide part of my belly I say "WHOA!  That is not my waist." 

I DO NOT have a 40 inch waist.  Do. NOT. 
You bet that is an empty plate!
We consulted our pal Google.  We watched a hateful one minute video on, I am not kidding you, how to measure your waist.  (At. the. belly. button. Who. Knew.)

I have a 40 inch waist.  Sooooo.  I will be sticking to the food plan, and I will need to exercise later today.  It just isn't there this morning.  But I will do it.  At least 20 minutes of breaking a sweat, or maybe I will get a long walk in today around Indian Lake with Jean, and count that?

Please send me some encouragement in the comments...I'm going to need it.  Maybe pick your own 5 Day Challenge and share with us....we can encourage each other to Live Our Love (and our LIVES!) Out Loud!

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