DIY Spa Goodies: Body Butter Adventures

I make body scrubs, here and there.  I throw sugar and olive oil together with some of my essential oils and slough all that nasty dry skin right on outta here.  

Then I see these  fabulously beautiful blogs like Keeper of the Home and this one and this one.  They write about simple living, green living, whole food, making your own food and other lotion, body scrub.  

Keeper of the Home had this beautiful article on making gifts around Christmas, and in it was two recipes for scrubs & body butter.  My artificially flavored chemical infested body butter from Bath & Body Works was almost empty.  I have been saving small containers and such for awhile now.

Keeper of the Home Picture
I decided to buy the “Simple Scrubs to Make and Give" ebook of recipes for $3.99.  Imagine my joy when it was only $1.99 on Kindle AKA my smartphone!  WHOOP!  I know I can find recipes online, but somewhere is a woman like me clever enough to package her ideas up into a book and I chose to support her with my few bucks.  I waste as much on junk every week. 

Then I bought the four ingriedients I do not have from the supplier they link too (hope they get some $$$) and spent $35 on that stuff:  Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil.  (equal to one trip to B & B amIright?)    I eagerly awaited the arrival of these things,  measured and melted them down, added my essential oils, and started slathering on fabulous body butter I made my very own self after my 3 minute showers. 

Making everything was simple. I am SO SORRY there aren’t pictures to prove it.  THis works best IMHO with a stand mixer unless you are patient enough to mix for 5-10 minutes with a hand mixer.  The other recipes online I saw had whipping the mixture with beaters, so that is what I did.  The Ebook recipe had you melt, mix and just you could easily do that.

I melted everything down and put it in my Kitchen Aid to begin mixing.  Since it was cold at the time I just set it outside for 20 minutes or so before beating it that it is summer you would have to follow the freezer route.  It might not look like it is setting up, but it will.  
(Picture from Keeper of the Home) 

My first batch was HEAVENLY!  I gave some away, I used mine up and made more.

My second batch was awful because I added more Vitamin E oil.  I figured, the more the better....well NO.  Vitamin E is a wonder dealio unless you overuse it.  Then it can, in some cases(my case) give you an amazing rash I had to get a cream from the dermatologist for.  Wowzers.

So let me know how your homemade adventures work out....I’m a little scared to try this again, but the materials cost about $40, often organic, so I hate to waste them.  Mebbe I’ll try some lip balm?  Your thoughts?

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