"Look at all the weight I lost!" Join the 5 Day Challenge with Shakeology NEXT WEEK!

"Look at all the weight I lost!" Is what I hope to say even after just ONE WEEK.  No matter the outcome, I am  excited.  Even sick and lethargic today...I am STOKED.  (THANKS DAN!)

John and I are both languishing and struggling to work out, eat well....vegan stuff can be FATTENING y'all!  So Dan Vukmirovich, who we both adore...or rather, John would say he "enjoys him" or "Respects him" but I ADORE him and his wife and darling girls.  


Dan became a Beach Body Coach and keeps offering us ideas and opportunities without hassle or obnoxious multi level marketing stuff.  TODAY we both committed to the 5 Day Jump Start Challenge. It is a Clean Eating, Shakeolgoy and Workout based challenge and I would love to see you and yours JOIN US! 

We plan to follow a veganized version of the meal plan, work out on our own without the official work outs, and measure, photograph etc.  ONE WEEK PEOPLE< surely we can do this for one week.
Nope, not pregnant, just Portly with a side of FLUFF.

If you want to do this, but want more, Dan also runs the Ultimate Reset Challenge you can read about here.  

We tried the Shakeology sample packet last week, splitting it like lovebirds.  It was the tastiest I have tried...and even my husband John, who is rarely impressed, commented on how many solid ingredients were in it and how good it tasted.  Keep in mind, I make smoothies for us almost every morning.  I use just produce and water, or I use hemp or soy or whey protein added into fruit smoothies. I have tried LOTS of shakes. LOTS.

The PRICE of Shakeology makes me think about getting a job.  Seriously.  The most expensive I have seen...but THIS VIDEO explains why.  And I do not bat an eye at shelling out this kind of moolah on junk food and sugary treats, do I?

What if for one month I did not eat out more than once a week, and I did not eat treats and junk?  I wonder....anyone want to do this challenge with me?  Anyone else want to try a month if this week goes well?

Please let me know if you choose to do this challenge with us. John and I are struggling to be healthier and fight a potential future including more weight, diabetes and cancer. I will be sharing my cold hard facts, and if you want a little public humiliation MOTIVATION I could certainly share any before and after pictures or info you would like to share.   Contact Dan here.

I need to shake things up A LOT.  So does John.  I'm so grateful he is doing this with me...I need help!  

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