I’m Talking about Raising Daddy over at Mumbling Mommy Today!

If you are a mama you probably do not want anyone telling you what to do.  Or asking you for things...that gets annoying too after about 1,200 days of it.  Not that I’m counting my entire four year old’s days on Earth.
You should have heard my funny husband this morning.  Our two year old Libby called him to the breakfast table as he was getting ready to leave for work.  She began handing him her empty cup and items she didn’t want from her plate.  He gave them back to her and calmly said to her, 

(Our Friend George bonding with Libby)
“Libby, Do you understand I am not your Waiter?”  

GOD!  I love that man.  (I did explain to her what a Waiter was after he left.  I was too busy laughing  at the time.)  Our girls are capable of and expected to clear their own plates & cups from the table after snacks and meals so this little exchange was PRICELESS!

OK, I might have digressed.  

So we mamas do not like being told what to do, right?

Here is my super tip:  Daddies don’t like it either!  

Come find out three things to help Dad bond with Baby....and Moms, it is YOU!

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