I DARE YOU to Watch: Listen To Your Mother Show Goes Best with Blueberry Pancakes

Today I am up early to catch up from a week long vacation.  I want to write, but I also need to plan my week, pay attention to food for this family of mine, etc. It could be the only writing I will do is to write down the errands I need to run. UGH.

I get a few things done before hearing pitter pattering baby feet at 6:30am.  I decide to make blueberry pancakes since I have a friend's daughter, Isa, coming to help me with the girls this morning.  What a gift it is to have her play with and distract my two girls for a few hours.  I pay myself back for the expense of a luxurious babysitter by being productive.  


I am not productive today.

In my email was a blog post by Just Another Mommy Blog.  I only know the blogger, Tracey, well enough to be annoyed this morning.  She has this post that I read instead of writing lists or writing my own blog post.  I read it and I cry.  Then I follow her link and watch this video from the Listen to Your Mother Show and the woman who Tracey wrote about.

Listen To Your Mother Bottle Caps, Apple Trees and Hope by Shelia Quirke

And then I click to another page and then donate to her cause.  And I comment on both blogs to let these two precious women know they were heard.  That their words mattered TO ME.  

And I haven't gotten much done today, but I did eat some blueberry pancakes with my daughters. Quite frankly I cannot remember anything else I should have could have would have done that would be better use of my time than breakfast with Portia and Libby.  Thank you God, for using Tracy and Shelia today to remind me of my priorities.

If you want or need some life change, laughter or tears in your day today, check out the Listen To Your Mother YouTube Channel!

You could watch me in our first SOLD OUT Listen to Your Mother Show delivering  "Reluctant Motherhood" from LTYM NW Indiana's Show  the 2011 show here.  I talk about how I never wanted to be a mother, miscarriage, parenting by faith and how much better becoming a mother is than they could possibly tell you in books. Enjoy my LTYM cast mates as they tell their precious, hilarious and moving stories too.

You can also see me doing "Nightmare After Midnight" from LTYM NW Indiana's Show in 2012 by clicking here. I give myself permission to be a marginal mother at times. Enjoy all of the pieces from this sold out show...they are MARVELOUS.

And if you like these, check out  NW Indiana's 2013 LTYM show you can find here.  It was my first time as an audience member and I laughed and cried and it was SO WONDERFUL.

WARNING:  If, like me, you think "Geez, I already have my own motherhood experiences and issues, why waste my precious time watching other people talk about what I already live????"  

Oh trust me.  Mamas, Dads, Non Parent Types...TRUST ME.  I dare you to watch one or two Listen To Your Mother videos and tell me what you learned about life.  It will be MUCH.

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