Random Things Ten: Read Lego Bible & Take Your Dog for a Ride

I own exactly one pair of killer sexy heels. I wear them once or twice a year when my desire to be a sexy bombshell overwhelms my desire to have feet that do not hurt.   I’m a mama, stereotypes are true.  And after Portia tried them on, I do not know if I could wear them better.

I really hope this is a hair salon.  And if it isn’t, I really hope the police know about it.

I really want to own these.  I couldn’t believe how awesome Legos could be.  If you have a guy in your life who loves Jesus and the Bible, this might be a great gift!  
This is my friend Amy.  Our kiddos go to preschool together. I call her Colorado Amy because she reminds me of my Colorado self. She drives around with 45 kids and her fabulous dog Maisy in her minivan.  And she wears stuff like this.  It made me happy and she indulged me.  WHOOOOO!

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