Random Things # Nine: Balloon Fairies Exist too!

Did you know I can make smoothies out of stuff I thought I would have to wring through my juicer?  Here is Fit Sugar’s Green Glow smoothie in process and I have an adolescent sense of humor.

So my darling husband thought it might cut expenses to have me cut his hair!  So the girls and I can have expensive haircuts instead...Love that man.    He trusted me and I think his buzz cut turned out great.  And he still has both ears!

This Balloon Lady was at Panera last month and she is AWESOME.  She is “In the happiness business” and paints her face daily.  She goes around town with her balloons to share joy with other people at no cost.  You can call Gill Knip at 219.816.0160 or Facebook her and invite her to your event.    I LOVE seeing people living their love out loud like this.

Listen to Your Mother Show.  Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso, Indiana.  My first year not participating but being in the audience was BETTER!  Oh what marvelous stories were told.  Please consider telling yours next year.  I’d be happy to help anyone edit anything...please share your truth with others!

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