Random Things # Eight: Shrooms, Fairies and Boobies OH MY!

We have these weirdo mushrooms in our side garden and they look like slices of a tree trunk!  They are trying to take over that plant I planted from last year...whatever it is...but I think it will prevail.

This is one of the many Fairy Houses on a trail at Taltree Arboretum where we are now bargain members (THANKS GROUPON!!!)  I think this exhibit ended in June, I sure hope they create more and keep them permanently.  I LOVE the whimsy of fairy gardens.  I have two of my own, badly maintained.

 Because I apparently hate my husband, I once allowed my daughters to coerce me to buy him a HUGE BRIGHT NEON BLUE Elmo shirt.  He wore it twice. Because my Husband apparently adores me*, he did not encourage me to buy this ADULT SIZED Tshirt from Target, even thought it was only $4  on clearance.

I loved this shirt.  I loved breastfeeding.  I love being done with breastfeeding but OH!  What a Marvelous shirt from La Leche League in South Bend Indiana.  Humor + Awareness, my FAV.

*Or since he is actually undercover in our life he could very well have a much much much worse revenge planned.  Like buying a micro mini for Portia when she is twelve.

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