LIVE BETTER: Conscious Box DELIGHTFUL Giveaway!

I’ve been a leetle down in the mouth lately, but THIS made me smile!  A box of goodies from good companies sent to me every month?  Yes, Please!  Conscious Box, a fascinating group offered to give one of you fine folks a free month’s box, and I get one too....WAHOOO!

I get a monthly subscription box from is makeup and girlie things and I like it.  I like a little surprise every month and  it is worth the monthly subscription fee.  

Conscious Box is the same type of deal but it is foodie thangs and body products too AND they are better quality and ingredients for my life. Conscious Box finds natural, sustainable CONSCIOUSLY created and marketed products and send them out for you to try from your own little house.  Instead of wondering if something new will also be something you like, you can experiment from home and share...if you are nicer than I am.  (I might hide my box from  my family and try everything myself!)

I love having a little surprise coming to me monthly. Not that one. Not bills.  THIS one.

To enter the giveaway, please do any one or all of the following for chances to win, and comment on my blog(not FB please) for each entry.  Winner will be chosen randomly by a four year old child based on all entries.

1) Tell me which Conscious Box category you are most interested and excited about.

2)  LIKE Conscious Box  on Facebook (...they are having A LOT of fun over there!)

3)  Set up a free account at Conscious Box and learn more about their quality clients here.

4) Make up a poem or haiku about Conscious Box just to amuse me further...see mine below:

Oh, Dear Conscious Box,
Will you send me Unreal Sweets
and other good treats?

The contest runs until May 7th so get those comments a’comin!  Check back on the 7th after 5pm for our WINNER of a FREE MONTH’S CONSCIOUS BOX!  I will also review my free box when it comes sometime next week...what fun, a healthy gift to me this month.  Thanks Conscious Box!

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